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May 14, 2005 11:08 PM

Some Clemson options

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Hey folks, I've read the posts about Clemson eating options and thought I'd offer up a few favorites. Clemson doesn't have a lot of choices, but there are some nice funky choices there if you want. And yes, we are rural.

TAPAS: Sole, Victoria Square on College Avenue. A nice evening experience. A eclectic menu and a good wine list. Casual, relaxed atmosphere.

PIZZA: Mellow Mushroom. Yeah, I know, Mellow Mushroom is a franchise but the building is really cool. It's in an old house on 93 (c 1920) that became a dilapidated frat house. They took it over and it's quite unusual.

BAR: Two choices. Nick's has a limited bar and lunch menu, but a terrific beer selection. They have about 10 beers on tap (Bass, Guiness, Killians) and countless others in bottles, which is impressive for a place with about 1600 square feet. Esther is a true beer connisseur.

Tiger Town Tavern is good for lunch and makes an excellent honey mustard. Ask for extra.

HIGH DINING: Yes, forget it. We're a small college town! If you're looking for this, then yes, go to Atlanta or Greenville.

OTHER: Another favorite of mine is Acropolis restaurant. The atmosphere is not great ... v small with heavy wooden tables and possibly mismatched chairs, TV playing in the corner, owner probably watching a soccer game. But the gyro is very good.

Also mentioned was Split Creek Farm in Pendleton for their goat cheese. They also make a terrific fudge out of their goat milk that is not to be missed. It can be ordered online. Get the peanut butter.


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  1. When my daughter was in school there we enjoyed "Pixie and Bill's" for dinner and she always likes "Keith Street" restaurant for lunch, as well as Tiger Town Tavern (good burgers).

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      Pixie and Bills would be Clemson's "high dining" option. Me, I prefer good food in casual clothing. I also forgot to mention Ancheaux's, which makes good burritos and great hamburgers. They may not be genuine Mexican burritos, but they are stuffed to the brim with good homecooked beans and meat.

    2. Good grief - I can't believe Acropolis is still there and open. Haven't been back in a few years to say the least, as we have lived in Florida for some years. However, we are living in NC now and looking forward to taking our daughter there for a game this fall!
      Thanks for the advice on places to go!

      1. I'll have to swing by Split Creek. Sounds very good.

        I would add Pot Belly Deli for sandwiches. Very fresh and very good.

        Super Taco is excellent Mexican food. They make their own tortillas that are phenomenal. It's also where the Hispanic construction workers eat, so you know it's good.