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Mar 4, 2005 04:49 PM

Udupi Palace, Bellevue?

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I'd appreciate anyone's take on dinner at Udupi Palace. I want to take a very strict vegetarian there. Thanks!

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  1. Yes, it is vegetarian, but not totally vegan. Some dishes use cheese, cottage cheese, or yogurt. I found this review from the Bay Area, where I believe Udupi Palace is headquartered. The menu on this web page has the same dishes as the Bellevue location.

    I was very impressed by the food at U.P. in Bellevue, and some of it is very spicy. You can order thali, which has about eight sample-size dishes (including dessert), running the range from mild to very spicy.


    1. I think that Udupi Palace no longer exists. With a dosa craving, I went looking for the restaurant on Halloween in the Crossroads food court and could only find a place with the generic name "Bite of India" (maybe it was "Taste of India"). This was directly across from a vietnamese place and Torrero's. Having never visited before, I suppose I could have missed U.P., but I doubt it.

      Bite offered a list of N. Indian curry standards and a limited S. Indian selection. We ordered the masala dosa and the "spicy" masala dosa, and both were disappointing: the masala filling was reheated in the microwave, and the dosa itself lacked flavor. The coconut chutney was satisfactory, and the sambar nicely spiced. In their defense (sort of) there was only one woman working all positions, including cashier and line cook, and was quite busy at the time.

      Also, it should be known that my benchmarks for quality were set in Edison and Jersey City, NJ, home to perhaps the largest community of Indian emigres in the states. There are some places there that offer roughly 50 varieties of dosai.

      I am looking forward to trying some of the Punjab spots in Redmond, and also Namasthe, which is now serving dosa, according to the website.

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        Udupi Palace isn't in the food court, it's only accessible from the outside of the mall.

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            I usually don't take too much stock in Yelp reviews, especially the hyperbolic negative ones where perceived slights in service figture heavily in the rating. But Udupi has been hit with a slew of very recent 1-star reviews.

            Has anyone here had a recent experience there? TIA

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