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May 12, 2005 04:09 PM

Savannah anniversary

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Has anyone eaten at Elizabeth on 37th recently? Would it be a good place to go for a 1 year anniversary? I don't want to deal with the Lady & Sons. There are 2 other restaurants there that are supposed to be really good- anyone know what hey are? One's italian - Il carpaccio or something.

Anyway, does anyone have a good reccommendation for a nice anniversary dinner?

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  1. the italian place is il pasticio on bull at broughton. excellent place

    however, i would recommend gottliebs (also bull at broughton - across from il pasticio) its savannah's only four star restaurant and is getting national attention.

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      Bobby in Savannah

      Ditto on the Olde Pink House. Last March my wife and I celebrated our anniversary. The sevice was unbelivable. When making the reservation it slipped out that is was a special occasion. The waiter knew us by name and congratulated us. The maitre'd stopped by to congratulate us. The dessert was brought out on a platter with "Happy Anniversary" written in chocolate sauce. I had never set foot in the restaurant before that night. I will be visitng again. The grilled tuna was very good and my wife had an outstanding stuffed grouper.


    2. How about considering The Pink House, on Abercorn, next door to the Planter's Inn...very nice. And too ...there is Garibaldi's behind the City Market, both are very nice, enjoy our beautiful city, Patti

      1. Agreed Elizabeth's fine and has old south charm, staff was pleasant and food was good - only complaint was small portions for a LARGE price. They were gracious enough to handle a party of thirteen on short notice after Lady & Sons "coveniently" lost our resevation we booked one month in advance.

        1. Gottliebs which was a very nice place to dine closes down about 2 years ago.
          Ms Savannah