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May 10, 2005 02:28 PM

Nashville: Great Mexican Popsicles at Las Paletas

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This place is a little hard to find, but it is great!
Here's the blurb from the Nashville Scene's Kay West....
But the best-kept dessert secret in Nashville is Las Paletas, a popsicle store. All it sells are popsicles: gourmet, Mexican popsicles made from fresh ingredients. Popsicles are no longer restricted to the conventional flavors found at the grocery store. Now they come in everything from cantaloupe and honeydew to hibiscus, olive and prune. They only cost $2, and flavors change daily. A word of advice: Las Paletas is in an unmarked storefront on the lower level of the Cypress Building on 12th Avenue South and Kirkwood. You may have to circle the block before you find it, but the popsicles are worth it.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I've traveled to "real" Mexico (not the resort areas) twice a year for the past 7 years and I can't ever get enough of the Mexican popsicles. Nothing beats a coconut popsicle on a warm summer night in downtown Monterrey, Mexico. If anyone needs any tips on restaurants in Northern Mexico, I can give them. I've spent time in 8/9 different cities north of Mexico City and along the Texas border.

    By the way, the best authentic Mexican restaurant in Middle Tennessee is El Molecajate in Springfield. Its not true Mexican home cooking, but its close.

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      Hey, thanks for the tip about Miexican in Springfield. I'll try it. And have a "coffee" or "chaocolate almond" popsicle at Las Paletas for me. I'm looking forward to summer there when I can try "corn".

    2. I want to second this advice! Las Paletas is fantastic! And a little side advertisement - there's a new tea shop about a block away, Tea Time Nashville, owned and run by my wife. Loose tea and tea accessories. My daughter and I almost always run over to Las Paletas when we drop by the shop, and I've tried most of their varieties, and even the wierd sounding ones are great!

      1. I had high hopes for this place after all the recomendations online and they surpassed my expectations. These are the best popsicles around. I was in town for two days and went both days to so I could maximize my experience. Had the cantelope, honeydew, hibiscus, and avacado. My only regret is I didn't have more time to try the rest. Now they cost about $2.50. Also Bobby Flay challenged them to a "Throw Down" recently so keep your eyes open for that one.

        1. I think they sell Las Paletas at Fido, too.

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            They also sell them at Blue Coast Burrito (the franchise of Baja Burrito) and Baja Burrito did have them and I think still does. Good to know if you're having a craving on Sunday or Monday when they are closed!

          2. We call it "the secret popsicle store." Get the tamarind. Then take your kid to the park across the street.