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May 7, 2005 05:31 PM

Where to eat in Cherokee/Bryson City NC area?

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We'll be staying between Cherokee and Bryson City for 5 nights. Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants in the area? My DH and I are flexible, but our 13 year old's idea of a good restaurant is how many toppings do they offer on the burgers. Any good buffets or BBQ?

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  1. Great area to visit, did a week last year. I will say not much to recommend as far as great eats. Several fast food spots and a pizza hut. In town is a great little ice cream spot, and several grill type places. I do know there was a bbq spot that got very poor reviews from our neighbors. As far as burgers, there is an old time drive in, just outside of town headed towards Cherokee. Great river views and decent burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes and onion rings. For more of a upscale meal check out the Freymont Inn. Open since the early 1900s, be sure to visit the lobby and enjoy the views from the porch overlookng the valley. We had a great time and hope you do so also. You may want to check website as you can link to local activities food etc.

    1. There's a pizza place (local, not chain) that is good. It's on the boardwalk across from the railroad station. Anthony's maybe?

      1. BBQ Wagon is on Hwy 19 just outside of town (going toward Cherokee), one of my favorites. Jimmie Macs had good burgers and dinners. Anthony's has Italian dishes, pizza, and sandwiches. The Bar has good home cooking style lunch specials.
        We stayed at Deep Creek Hideout Cabin which is convenient, about a mile from town and in between town and Deep Creek Park (tubing and waterfall hikes) I don't have link for the restaurants, but the cabin site was

        1. The 13-year-old will like the drive-in tha Scarlett mentioned. Can't remember the name, but if you head out of Bryson City on the road the Cherokee you can't miss it. It is just past the BBQ wagon someone else mentioned. Between the two, I'd choose the drive-in.

          If there is anywhere at all decent to eat in Cherokee I've never found it in about 15 visits. Amazing that with so many tourists there isn't one family restaurant that I would consider even average.