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May 1, 2005 10:02 PM

Chapel Hill

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Planing to celebrate an anniversary in Chapel Hill and looking for just the right gourmet restaurant. Any suggestions?

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  1. Il Palio in the Siena Hotel. By far.

    1. Try Elaine's... Il Palio might be the right choice if it's your 50th wedding anniversary-- otherwise, you might find it stuffy and overpriced. Also, if you're willing to go to Durham, Magnolia Grill and 4 Square are excellent options. good luck and happy anniversary!

      1. I went to Bonne Soiree for the first time last week for my birthday. It was by far one of the best dining experiences I've ever had. The service was very personal-- they recognized me as the birthday girl the moment I walked through the door. Plus-- the server, FOH manager, and chef came by our table throughout the meal just to make sure everything was perfect. The food was phenomenal and unique. I couldn't think of one thing to make the experience any more perfect. Be prepared to spend some money, but it will be worth every penny. Happy anniversary!

        1. Second Bonne Soiree. To add to what mdcraig mentioned, unlike a lot of good establishments in the area, this one you can actually hear the other person when they are talking to you.

          1. 3rd Bonne Soiree, have been there twice, and it was great.

            I like Il Palio, but it just doesn't compare (for me).

            I also might suggest Lantern...but it is much noisier space, not as intimate.