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Feb 28, 2005 01:43 AM

Walla Walla

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Heading to Walla Walla this coming weekend. Any good eats (a) in the city; (b) on route from Portland (but further east from Hood River and The Dales)?

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  1. Whitehouse-Crawford is the most likely the best restaurant in Walla Walla. Avoid Backstage Bistro like the plague. We had mediocre food and terrible service (along with an attempt to charge us for wine we did not receive because they were out of it; then we overheard a fellow hotel guest stating that the same thing had happened to them). It's fun to have a drink at the bar at Marcus Whitman Hotel. Be aware, though, that if you're looking to do anything after 10 PM, there isn't really anything. The sidewalks roll up REAL early.

    1. If you're interested, this artisan cheesemaker might be worth a visit...


      1. You should check out 21 bricks, downtown. I have heard nothing but good things about it from our wine supplier (West Seattle Cellars). The Whitehouse has also been highly recommended. We went to the Backstage Bistro (more within our price range) and regretted our decision. Slowwwwww service, ambivilance, and we ate something that disagreed with both of us.

        The Marcus Whitman looked like a very good place to eat as well, but the prices were way up there - suprisingly high too.

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          Whitehouse-Crawford's entrees range from $12 to $34. Backstage Bistro offers a greater number of entrees (pastas, many cuts and sizes of steak, etc.), but it certainly isn't much cheaper at a range of $11 to $34 ($37 for the 25-oz steak).

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            I think we had a wider range of choices from Backstage - thus, more affordable options on our budget.

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              Yeah, but $37 for a 25 oz certified angus ribeye is a pretty good deal.

          2. Just was in Walla Walla for the Holiday Barrel tasting in early December with another couple. Whitehouse Crawford is very good. It is expensive for a small town, but definitely worth it. We did not get to eat a 26[?] Brix, but the menu looked good. They also serve breakfast and lunch I believe. There is a wine bar with retail shop and food on the main street. Can't remember the name of it, but it was less expensive and pretty good and lots of wines by the glass.I have heard bad things about Backstage Bistro also.

            1. 26 Brix is a must. Magnificent dining room, Knowledgeable staff, and a very talented chef