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Chattanooga Recommendations?

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We will be heading down to Chattanooga in a few weeks. Are there any restaurants there that shouldn't be missed? We will only be down for a weekend and have time for a few meals since we will be attending a wedding. Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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  1. MDP......I also tried to get some hound recommendations for this city...On our way to Nashville via Atlanta. The only reponses were for fast food places!

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      There is a brew pub downtown near the aquarium. We ate there, food was suprisingly good and the place was busy - not just with tourists. Also saw a sushi place closeby.

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        When I lived i north GA I used to try and find some good places to eat in Chatanooga. That was like trying to find Beef at a Hindu wedding... All jokes aside Rachel Rays show on the food net work 40 BUCKS A DAY. She did a specia on the town look it up at the food tv web site.

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          Saw it and frankly that's why I thought on the way from Atlanta to Nashville, we'd stop. But, Hounds' posts are not that encouraging.

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        There is a brew pub downtown near the aquarium. We ate there, food was suprisingly good and the place was busy - not just with tourists. Also saw a sushi place closeby.

      3. Provino's is an Atlanta based small chain with several locations in metro Atlanta and one in Chattanooga. It is classic "red sauce" Italian. Informal and very reasonable. Crowded on weekends. I used to go there mainly for the huge, delicious, all you can eat Italian salad bowl with homemade dressing and the great little hard rolls served piping hot swimming in a wooden bowl with butter, oil, and fresh minced garlic. Being hard rolls, they don't get soggy. One time during my meal, 15 of them jumped on my plate! (I said they are small!)The veal Parmesan is quite good. That's all I ever ordered on at least a dozen visits. The other entrees I saw looked good, but most of my friends always ordered the Parmesan also.
        You can check the menu at www.provinos.com/index.html

        1. WayCrazy's has amazing BBQ - its up on signal mountain, i'm not sure of the exact address. We go there whenever we're in the area.

          1. Up on a hill to the right of the aquarium (if you're facing it) is the "art district". You can walk there. Eat there. I'm sorry but I'm leaving town in a minute and can't research for you. There's a bistro riverside that's wonderful. Can't remember the name.

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              Former Chattanooga

              Chattanooga now has some great restaurants. You didn't indicate exactly what you were looking for, but the following are all very good:

              (1) River Street Deli for lunch. It is located on the north shore of the river at Coolidge Park.
              (2) St. John's for a fabulous dinner-- located on the south end of the downtown area. They use a lot of produce and meat from local sources.
              (3) the Meeting Place- next door to St. John's and owned by the same people. Great food but in a more casual atmosphere than its neighbor.
              (4) 212 Market recommended among the restaurants closest to the aquarium, and it's one of the few non-chain establishments.

              10 years ago Chattanooga did not have a lot of good dining options. Things have really changed in recent times.

              1. I second all of that, plus across the street from St. John's, there's a place called Bellagio which I'm told is wonderful.

                Been to 212 and the sushi place near it. Also, I know the bar that's been mentiond. There's a place way up the street called Cibo which has not so good food, but the drinks are okay (kinda ditsy bartenders).


                1. Tony's in the Arts District is outstanding. Very good food, and the view from the deck is very nice if the weather is conducive to dining outdoors. Reasonable prices.

                  1. I was about to add Aretha Frankenstein's in North Chattanooga (great breakfasts) but was shocked to see it burned down in April. Looks like they'll reopen at some point, but no sure when (http://www.arethas.com/).

                    Smokey's Barbeque on Brainerd is the real deal, with huge portions of terrific onion straws.

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                      Aretha's re-opened in the spring this year :)

                    2. On a recent 2 day vacation trip to Chatanooga, we stayed in the old Hilton (? I think) downtown. Looking out our window, we say a little diner, and decided to try it for breakfast the next day. We liked it so much, we ate there 4 times during that trip. It's called the City Cafe Diner, and it looks like it's just the hole in the wall restaraunt for a motel 6 type place, but it's the real deal, a local secret. First thing you see when you walk in is about 25 of the best looking cakes you've ever seen - the owner, or the owners wife, I'm not sure, is a baker apparently, and a really good one, and makes some of the best looking cakes and pastries you've ever seen. There are 3 or 4 cases full of them. Then when you get the menu, it goes on for a dozen pages - just when you've thought you've seen it all, you get to the greek stuff, etc. And everything we tried was amazing - no cheap imitations, it was real. I even ran into a friend there from Nashville who said that he always stops in there when he's in town - it's the best place around. Highly recommended!

                      1. I'm not sure of the name of this place and not exactly sure of where it is. You locals should be able to help. North off 24 one or two exits east of the visitors centre. There's a little "Meat and 3" place on the right side just before you go up the side of a mountain. It burned down a couple years ago and has been replaced. I've had two really nice meals and all 'round dining experiences there.

                        Anyone know what I'm talking about??