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Feb 28, 2005 10:37 PM

Atlanta--The Varsity?

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we're headed to Atlanta for a trip and just saw a piece on The Varsity on the Food Network. Is the food good or is it a place that is famous for being historical?

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  1. I think everyone should experience the Varsity. This isnt the place to go if you are into "good for you" food! If you like hot dogs, burgers, fries, onion rings then you can't go wrong here. For a first timer it can actually be a little nerve racking if the place is busy. Try a Heavy weight or two (hot dog with extra chili), some strings or rings (fries or onion rings) and a frosted orange. The slaw dogs and chili burgers are favorites of mine too. I always end with a peach pie, then wonder why I have eaten so much when I am done. :) It's one of those places that you get a craving for every so often and you just have to go. You could people watch for hours here too so try em out. I am adding a link to their website so you can check out the Varsity lingo too. Hope you have a good trip here in Atlanta!


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      ahhhhh.....the Athens I miss it....

      can still hear "what'll ya have what'll ya have" to which I would reply "2 naked dogs walking thru the garden" - which of course means 2 plain hot dogs with cole slaw to go.

    2. Ooooooooh. The Varsity. You have to go! It is an institution -- and the food is good and greasy. I always get their Vidalia onion rings and a chili dog. Be prepared to order though -- when you step up to the counter, they are going to yell at you -- "What'll ya have?" It's one of those places you get a taste for every so often.

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        Newcomb Girl

        I agree that it's a "must-do." However, stick to the tried and true favorites as mentioned by other posters: dogs (esp. with chili or slaw), burgers, strings and/or rings, and fried pies. Wavering from this to some of the newer menu items is a waste of taste buds. Also order an F.O. - a frosted orange. It completes the experience.

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          i once went to the varsity while in atl on biz and ordered fries and onion rings.. delicious!!! :)

        2. If you go to The Varsity make sure you go to THE Varsity, that is, the one next to the GT campus. I once went to another location of the Varsity and it wasn't good at all.

          1. The Varsity is more about the show than the food--yes, it's food that probably isn't all that healthy to eat a lot--they do fry in canola oil, tho, to make it healthier.
            It's a historical place that is fun to people watch, particularly the talented counter people who can keep a few different orders straight at one time in their head, plus the unique lingo they call out to the cooks "..Naked dog walkin sideways, ring one, and a bag o'rags..."
            So go there and see an American fast-food institution.