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Feb 15, 2005 07:10 PM

Anniston AL - Porterhouse Cafe

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Located in Quintard Mall, about half mile north of exit 185, I-20 Alabama.
I eat there at least a couple times a week because I want healthy food. Food there is decidely mediocre...never hot, usually warm, sometimes cold, sometimes too salty. Friendly, laidback, experienced staff. Prices are about a dollar more than you would expect for meat and two vegetables. Portions are meager. Business is always brisk after 11:30 on Sunday. Otherwise, there is rarely a line. If there is a line, it moves slow due to customer indecision and staff inefficiency.

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  1. This restaurant has now moved to an old furniture warehouse a bit to the east of the mall but it still features a buffet. The food now is a lot better than mediocre -- I had chicken and dumplings that were peppery, not bland; okra and tomatoes that appeared to be from fresh vegggies, andf greens that had been nicely spiced with vinegar and hotsauce. In other words, itr seems this place has evolved from the remnant of a bankrupt Piccadilly to something closer to a classic Southern meat and three. Have to say, though, that almost everyone in the place at lunch had an AARP membership, and none of the men had either watched their weight or seen their feet in years. Excellent old style southern cuisine. But probably not healthy.

    Address now is 1409 Hamric Dr. It's on US78-431 east of the mall and very close to I-20. From exit 185, go towards Annisotn, then turn right on US 78. Porterhouse cafe is on your left -- where all the pickup trucks and late model GM cars are parked.