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Feb 1, 2005 02:14 PM

King Cake near Durham NC?

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I'm looking for a bakery that makes King Cake for Mardi Gras. I tried Mad Hatter--they put a baby in any cake you want. I'm looking for a traditional King Cake.


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  1. Did you try Guglhupf's?

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    1. re: Sant

      I'm looking for the same type of thing. I just tried Guglhupf's ... they don't do them.

    2. Y'got me. I make my own. It isn't that tough - just time consuming.

      1. Acme in Carrboro is doing them tonight. Give them a call and make a reservation.

        1. hey I just found an awesome place for REAL N>O> KING CAKES!!! it is the Great Harvest bakery on South Elliott street in Chapel Hill. They have one in Durham too but don't know where. So here is my qualifier...I am an Executive Chef from New Orleans and these are as close as you r gonna get not going to Gambino"s or Langenstiens.. these are great, just got one last night and goin back tomorrow:}

          1. La Farm in Cary has made them in the past. Pretty close to New Orleans style and I thnk you can order them with a baby in it. Pretty close to Durham. Rue Cler might be worth a phone call too.

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              Harvest place does babies too. We have 3 kids so they put extras in for us. I called them just now to try and see if they will do strawberry cream cheese or praline n cheese filled ones. they r closed but left them my number. Im a chef at Duke DFC and want to hook up my employees...without having to do it myself..since we are basicly an obesity clinic I didnt thin the smell of pastries would be too nice:/ Keep me posted on other bakeries, i tried a bunch! most are not very good.

              1. re: winedine

                The King Cakes at La Farm are fantastic! I get several there every year.