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Jan 26, 2005 06:20 PM

Memphis Area - Fried Catfish?

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Can anyone tell me where to get good fried catfish in the Memphis area?

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  1. dont know much about the area but if there is a cracker barrel near by they have great catfish...I know my friends think its crazy that I enjoy Cracker Barrel but for catfish they good.

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    1. re: orzobino

      I second this opinion of Cracker Barrel's fried catfish. When traveling with friends recently, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel and they had a fried catfish special. We all got it and all (1 from MS, 1 from NC, 2 from TN) thought it was outstanding. I am the one from MS and had to be talked into it, but I'm glad I gave in to peer pressure!


      1. re: Pat L

        catfish is the discussion. Cajun Catfish Co. on Sycamore View has some of the best catfish I have ever eaten and I have eaten at quite a few catfish places. Everything I have eaten at Cajun Catfish Co. has been very good.

        1. re: kjwalker

          Flying Fish has good catfish.

          Flying Fish @ 105 South 2nd Street, Memphis, TN 901 - 522 - 8228.

          The Flying Fish
          105 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38103

          1. re: Littleman

            Four Way Restaurant on Mississippi Street has excellent catfish. They are filets, but very large, and surprisingly light and non-greasy. It as Martin Luther King's favorite place for fish! I ate there today and it is still going strong- don't know why they get mentioned so rarely on here....

            Four Way Restaurant
            998 Mississippi Blvd, Memphis, TN 38126

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      Randal Cooper

      Two places are okay--Miss Sipp's in Millington and the Olive Branch Catfish co.

      I'm told that there's a really good place in Red Banks, Mississippi but I haven't tried it as I go for catfish maybe once every six months.

      I visited the Cajun Catfish Co on Sycamore view for lunch one day, but I didn't have the catfish and wasn't impressed with what I did have.

      Not much help, I know--but it's something.

      1. Haven't found good fried catfish in Memphis. I like whole catfish and everyone seems to serve filets.

        And Cracker Barrel??? Please. I wouldn't even consider stepping foot into that place

        (without ordering an Uncle Herschel ;)

        1. Check out the Wolf River Cafe in Rossville. It's about 15 minutes east of Collierville. They don't serve catfish every day, usually just Fridays and Saturdays (I can't remember) - call the number below to verify.

          You can get there by taking Poplar Avenue east until you reach Highway 194, take a left on Highway 194, travel north about half a mile, Wolf River Cafe will be on your right.

          Wolf River Cafe
          470 Hwy. 194
          Rossville, TN 38066 Phone: 901-853-2586

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          1. re: Dignan

            Of course everybody has personal tastes.. and I've eaten catfish all over the South, but the Wolf River Cafe is my current favorite. It's a bit of a drive from Memphis, and you'll most likely have to wait on catfish nights, but it's worth it. Their iced tea in a jar is fine and dandy with the catfish!

          2. Sort of out the local Memphis area but worth a mention. The best catfish I have ever had is about an hour and a half south of Memphis in Taylor, MS (15 minutes south of Oxford). They have filets and whole catfish and I hear the steaks are great, but can't seem to stray from the catfish.

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            1. re: john marc

              Thanks - what's the name of the place?

              1. re: Susan

                Taylor Grocery. Great place in a cool little town.