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Feb 20, 2005 01:50 PM

Please help! Restaurants in Olympia which deliver

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I would like to purchase meals by phone or online for my elderly mother, to be delivered to her home from time to time. I have heard of restaurants which set up accounts, like gift certificates, which the recipient can use as desired. Can anyone tell me of restaurants which will do either in Olympia? I am in Los Angeles. Thanks.

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  1. Hi there! I live in Oly, and unfortunately there is a derth of resturants of any caliber, let alone those that deliver. I am assuming she lives in Oly and not Lacey, cuz then the answers would be somewhat different.

    For delivery really you are looking at pizza or chinese. Emperor's Palace is ok, - the site isn't really up yet, but they have all your usual cantonese type stuff. I like their seafood chow fun, emperor's beef, and fried rice. Its all a bit greasey spoon, but unless your mom has a refined palatte for Chinese food, it's decent.

    The best pizza is Brewery City, - again, site isn't up, but the numbers are there. They have a really great and creative menu. They also have gift cards.

    Happy Terriyaki is decent too, and they deliver. 360-705-8000.

    According to the phonebook, Tony Roma's delivers too, tho I've never had their food. 360-753-2911,

    Also, Ralph's Thriftway, an upscale supermarket, you can order on line and then just go thru the pick up drive through.

    Feel free to email me or post for more info...

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      Thanks so much! I am going to check out getting her a gift card from Brewery City based on your rec, and I may be able to order for her at Ralph's, as she doesn't have a computer, yet. This is a good start and I really appreciate it.

      By the way, we enjoyed Anthony's best of all the places we tried on our visit last summer, & it is her fave, now. How do you like it?

      Thanks again!

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        That is so funny! We went there tonight! My partner loves it but I think it is mediocre. They rely heavily on sauces that are usually too sweet. The halibut was stringy and dry - over done. The salmon was pretty good, fresh, but they added too much smoke-flavor - the natural smokiness from the cedar plank would have been enough. However, I find their appetizers wonderful, and their desserts. We had "Hawaiian Nachos" tonight - raw tuna, pineaplle, and a wasabi aoili on top of taro-potato chips. Also we had "Anthony's Burnt Custard", which was their version of creme brulee - more vanilla and more egg, but good. Keep in mind tho that I am _very_ particular about seafood, especially as I am part Japanese - I prefer a cooking style that brings out the natural flavors rather than covers them up. if you have more questions about the Oly area, I've been here for almost four years and my partner has been here for 25 or so years. feel free to contact me - tigeryuri (and then at) livejournal and the ending is the usual see-oh-m. (sorry for the wierd format - bots that pick up addresses you know!) I love LA, btw, I have lots of family down there! Take care,

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          I arranged to have my mother go to Anthony's today (her 85th birthday) so I hope the choices are good today! I remember some kind of blackberry dessert, a cobbler I think, we tried last summer that was delicious. And I did not notice a fake smoke addition on the seafood at the time; I don't like that, either. Maybe we got lucky in our choices, as we liked most everything we ordered.

          Do you have any recs for ordering at Brewery City? Their menu won't be on the website for about a month, but she has been there & likes it so I am going to get her a gift card. This makes me happy as I can contribute a tiny bit to her quality of life. Thanks for helping!

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        1. Dunno about deliveries or accounts, but we've always enjoyed good food on-site at Tugboat Annies. And I know of friends (in Oly) who've had good catering by them. Might be worth it to inquire about deliveries:

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            Since this thread is more than seven years old, and Babette's mother had just turned 85 years old in April of 2005, your advice might not be very timely.......but thanks anyway.