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Jan 8, 2005 08:11 PM


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could anyone tell me the best overall restaurant in the Birmingham/Anniston area?

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    Andrew in Alabama

    Highlands Bar and Grill, southside Birmingham

      1. Hot and Hot Fish Club on the Southside in Birmingham. It is run by a protege of Frank Stitt who is the chef at Highlands Bar and Grill. My husband and I found that hte food at Hot and Hot Fish Club was just as good as Highlands but that the atmosphere was more relaxed, younger crowd, a bit hipper. We found the atmosphere at Highlands to be a bit stuffy with a bit of the "old South" feeling which we do not appreciate.

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            Where is Prarie Fire Grill? What kind of cuisine do they serve?

          2. I am an AL native; but a current Atlanta resident. Ocean is one of my favorites for seafood. If you are into sushi, this is some of the freshest in town.