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Feb 19, 2005 12:19 AM

Good ice cream sundae in Seattle?

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Does anyone who grew up here remember Farrell's ice cream, the sit-down sundae place where the waiters beat a drum and sang if you ordered the trough size banana split?

I know they are gone, but I'm wondering if there is a replacement. I haven't been able to truly find one honest-to-god ice cream parlor.

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  1. Yes, I remember Farrell's.

    As I recall, the last time I was there I had "Mount Rainier," which was an appropriately mountainous heap of assorted ice creams served with a lava flow of chocolate and plumes of whipped cream.

    Other hounds may offer more ideas, but MIX Ice Cream Bar at 45th and University Way has theater at its core in the same way. They take the right amount of your choice of base ice creams, throw it on the cold marble clab, toss on your choice of goodies, and balletically mix your order. It's not the same thing as having some poor frat boy slave in a striped shirt and bow-tie sing happy birthday for you, but, at this point, that's not what you really want anyway; What you got then was a really over-the-top social experience, with ice cream.
    What you get now is a different over-the-top social experience, but the transposed essentials are there.

    You will impress you date, you will have fun.

    Since you have dated yourself, I shall recall the University Ice Creamery, which made a zillion kinds of ice cream in a succession of little shops. Rum Raisin and mint-chocolate-chip are the only ones that come to mind, but gimme a break, I was 7 years old. There is a similar historically rooted shop, Husky Deli, in West Seattle.
    If other gray-at-the-temples hounds remember this experience as vividly as we, please tell...

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      I remember Farrell's also! Just a few weeks ago I was thinking back and trying to remember the name. It took a few days to come to me. Lots of great childhood memories.

      1. re: Liz

        When I was a kid many years ago. Whenever we visited Seattle my dad always saw to it that we visited Horlik's in downtown Seattle. Don't know if it still exists or not.

        1. re: Armstrong

          Wow. I think Horlicks predates Farrell's, though that perception may be due to the fact that Farrell's was in the North end, where friend's parents would have been more likely to drive. I remember the name, though, and suspect it was in or around Pioneer Square. Can any hounds help, here?

          1. re: Armstrong

            Horlick's - OMG - thanks for the reminder (just noticed this thread is 2005)..

      2. i remember the Farrells in San Diego.. a favorite place to hang out when i was in high school (oh so long ago!)

        in seattle, we found a great place for Fountain Drinks and Sundaes..decorated with in-house made chocolates.

        Baker's Restaurant
        12534 Lake City Way N.E.
        Seattle, WA 98125-4425

        the food's great too!

        1. n

          We're pretty big on the hot fudge sundae at Icon Grill.



          1. I remember Farrells very well. I took my sister there on her 15th Birthday. My son was only one year old & when he heard those drums & all that commotion he got scared &, he jumped down under the table & smeared chocalate all over my White Pants. My sister was so embarrared - she still talks about it.. It's her Birthday today, Aug. 12th - I just wish I could take her there again but we don't have a Farrell's in Seattle, WA anymore.
            The closest thing to Farrells is The Red Robin - but it's missing the Drums & all the Fun.

            1. I remember Farrell's well, with all the fondness a 12-year-old heart can muster. I imagine real-estate has gotten too pricey for an extravaganza like that, these days. I'll bet, though, that if you told the proprietors of the Blue Bike Cafe (in Ritzville), or any number of other small town cafes you wanted a big shindig for a scout troop, they could fix you up in equally memorable style.

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                While we’re reminiscing, I fondly remember the hot fudge sundaes in the Paul Bunyan Room at Frederick & Nelson’s. Frango Mint ice cream with hot Frango Mint sauce on it! Memories are made of this.