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Dec 6, 2004 07:33 AM

Williams Seafood - Savannah

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Williams Seafood Restaurant in Savannah, a fixture since 1936, burned to the ground Sunday, Dec 5.

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    Marcia M. D'A.

    Thanks for posting about Williams. I grew up in Savannah and had many wonderful meals there, though I understand the quality had gone downhill in recent years. Still, it was a landmark.

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    1. Today's edition of the Savannah Morning News website states investigators suspect arson. I would have suspected an overload of those hideous fluroscent light fixtures that were there for so long!

      My grandparents lived in Savannah and were friends with the Williamses who founded the restaurant. I ate there numerous times as a child. Nothing fancy but good seafood at the time. The deviled crab was particularly good; does anyone remember when they sold frozen deviled crab in supermarkets around the South?

      Sad end to an old institution.

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        all these years later , this still makes me very sad . i too , ate many meals at ms william's . there was nowhere else quite like it . the crab stew , and captain's platter , MAN ! that was livin' . i remember , when you could buy those little deviled crab at the store . they weren't bad .i sure did love to go there .