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Oct 19, 2004 02:40 PM

Auburn Alabama

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Going to Auburn this weekend for the Auburn-UK game, any suggestions where to eat some great barbeque?

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  1. Chuck's bbq in Opelika is an institution. However, closer to Auburn's campus is the BBQ House - lines will be long - but yummy for sure.

    War Eagle!

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      Having spent many years eating 2 to 3 meals a day at the BBQ House I am one of their biggest fans. They serve their pork two ways. Chopped, which is finely chopped and mixed with sauce or sliced, which is roughcut topped with sauce. If you like slaw request your sandwich "all the way" which will include a sauce based slaw(not sweet) and pickle slices. I go for "hot and all the way". The brunswick stew is also very good. I'll be there around noon getting my fix. By the way, Chucks is also good I'm just partial to the BBQ House.

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        I lived in Auburn for 6 years and unfortunatly the food wasnt something I think Auburn is known for. I would suggest "Niffer's" just because it is a typical college style hangout. "Cheng Du" has good chinese food downtown. And "Findley's" is always good as well.

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          Um, did you notice you were replying to a nearly 3 year old post? I suspect they original poster has completed their trip by now.

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            Maybe by now someone is ready to drive through Auburn, AL again?

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                Driving from Atlanta to Mobile after Christmas, and will probably stop in Auburn or Montgomery for lunch on the way. Since there aren't too many Auburn chowhound posts, I was happy to find this one. It's never too late to answer. Thanks, wareagle.

      2. I meant my post as a reply in general not to a specific person. War eagle.

        1. I've lived in Auburn for seven years now. My two cents: None of the barbecue places are very good. Sad, but true. If I had to pick one, I'd go with Papa Joe's in Opelika. There are some good places to eat. On the cheaper side of things, I'd go with (a) Creole and Seafood Shack, (b) Cuban Delights Cafe, or (c) La Tapatia (mexican grocery, kitchen in back). These are all terrific. There are also more expensive places that are surprisingly good: The Yellowhammer (in Waverly) is great. A new place (with a horrible name), Zazu Eclectic Eatery, seems promising (based on one visit).

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            I think Zazu is a cool name. They also have the best mahi & tuna in or around Auburn.

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              Creole Shack is definitely one of my favorites. Do not be deceived by it's appearance or size, the food is great. Apparently, they have breakfast but I've never been. I would suggest dinner there but go with a small party. It only sits about 20 people so be ready to wait. It's completely worth it though! All of the seafood is great, as is the jambalaya.
              My next Auburn favorites are Big Blue Bagel. It's a good lunch spot. The bagels are good, as are their sandwhiches. Try the tiger melt. A open faced bagel with chicken salad and cheese melted on top - the cause of my freshmen fifteen.
              Amsterdam is always good for either lunch or dinner. Everything there is good.
              Little Italy has really good pizza. I would consider it better than both Mellow Mushroom and Brick oven and it's cheaper.
              I've never been to La Tapatia but I'm glad to hear that it's good I'll have to go!

            2. Granted the original post is very old but if you go to Auburn you have to hit two spots. It's not fancy dining (what ever happened to The Hungry Hunter)? The BBQ House (aka Price's BBQ House) is my all time favorite. I'm sure it's because they fed me for very little $$ for four years. The original (I think) Guthrie's Chicken Fingers is and old favorite too. Too bad the old "flush" is gone. The Sani-Freeze made those late nights studying bearable.

              1. And thanks for the suggestions. I'll see if they are still open this weekend.