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Oct 17, 2004 09:28 PM

Cafe Klaser in Heber Springs, AR

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Another recommendation for those traveling through Arkansas--if you happen to find yourself fly fishing on the Little Red River in Heber Springs, check out Cafe Klaser. They bill themselves as Cajun, but they have lots more. They have recently moved from an old building to a new building right on the banks of the Little Red River. For lunch, they have a mini-buffet with only a couple of entrees, soup and salad--all made from scratch. They have wonderful bread. (I can't imagine how the fishermen keep their focus when that bread starts cooking!) They have a wonderful beef filet served with a Cajun stuffing of shrimp, rice, some kind of hot spice and a pink sauce that makes my mouth water as I type this! The double serving of this (8 or 10 oz--I forget) is only $15 and a half serving is $9.95. The oyster po'boy is my favorite. I just wish it had a few more oysters....

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  1. We ate here twice this summer and loved it! We plan to camp at Greers Ferry Lake next summer just so we can eat here again. The stuffed steak is out of this world and they make terrific hamburgers too. The prices are very affordable and the view of the Little Red River from the balcony is worth the trip.

    1. a bit overrated. i need some more cajun flavor to appreciate my visit. the oyster po'boy was a bit sparse and the remoulade was a bit dry. they can do better.

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        Cafe Klaser has been going through some employee adjustments lately. Their wait staff changes on a daily basis and Troy, the chef who has worked nights at Klasers' for the last few years has left them and started working for a new restaurant. We heard an argument coming from their kitchen that could be heard in the dining room by us and few other patrons when asked about what was going on we were told that it was the owner and an employee. I know this, from the few graphic words I over heard will keep me from going back