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Sep 20, 2004 11:09 PM

Lunch in Downtown Greenville,SC

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Where are good places to have lunch in downtown Greenville,SC?

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  1. Bistro Europa for a salad outdoors (yesterday they were doing some construction, though, not sure how long that will last)

    Coffee Underground (salads, wraps, etc.)
    The jerk chicken place I reviewed below
    Two Chefs
    Tsunami (sushi...usually good, sometimes very good, sometimes only fair)
    Lemongrass for Thai

    The weather is gorgeous for al fresco, of those I mentioned, only Two Chefs and Bistro Europa have outdoor tables, but there are lots of public spaces in Piazza Bergamo and down by the Westin where you can eat carry out (as I did w/ my Coffee Underground carryout yesterday).

    Avoid Trio, Blue Ridge Brewing