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Sep 2, 2004 09:14 PM

Attention Atlanta area hounds............

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I need recs for decent barbecue in and around the Suwanee/Duluth area for this weekend. All help appreciated.

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  1. Pappy Red's!! It's just off exit #14 400N, you can't miss the plane stuck in the roof.

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    1. re: thesteiner

      Thanks anyway, but had to go bbq-less this weekend since no one responded and did not have time to go on any wild-goose chases! Guess there's no good barbecue to be had in Suwanee/Duluth, GA, areas!!

      1. re: sandlapper

        True--we haven't found any yet!

        1. re: sandlapper

          Awwww..... wish I'd seen your post - I'd have directed you to this as an option. (I hope this wasn't your post, LOL!)

          A brief report re Duluth and Norcross:

          Shiraz is so far (Jones Mill Road north of Abbotts Bridge up in Duluth ) from most of us that I can't blame everyone for not getting there.

          That's too bad. Ownership changed this past spring, and what was formerly ok food and a good value has morphed into very good food indeed.

          Think Persian radizio. Excellent kabobs, all you can eat, cooked to order. Go for the 3 kabob at dinner (sirloin, ground meat and chicken). And an outstanding buffet where the salads, stews, lamb shanks, and dilled rice range from very good to excellent. The house made flat bread has come up two notches already, and the owner indicates it will continue to improve.

          La Fonda San Carlos, on Beaver Ruin Rd 1 minute from the intersection of Indian Trail and Beaver Ruin and two minutes from I-85 in Norcross is the most authentic Mexican place (both good and bad) I've encountered outside of Mexico proper (down to ice heaped in the splendidly tiled men's room urinals).

          I'm partial to La Fonda's molcajete (an inverted stone volcano heated to sizzling point) which comes filled with a massive steak (sliced thick from the whole sirloin flap, or 'fajita')atop grilled cactus leaves, melted ranch cheese, grilled scallions, grilled tomato, roasted banana peppers and rice-- with whole beans (charros) served separately on the side. Accompanying salsas have never seen a tomato--only chilis or tomatillos.

          The rice, the tomatoes, all the juices, bubble against the molocajete's sizzling stone surface to render up tantalizing glimpes of chow nirvana.

          The fish ceviche and tacos de ceviche are made to order and very good. So are the caldos-shrimp with the shell, chicken, fish.

          Sadly (or maybe good!!!), La Fonda gets no chowhound or local critical buzz. It may be that its just too genuine (have never seen another gringo there in a dozen visits) or too far from Atlanta's epicenter. But everyone at La Fonda is always extremely nice--which is a consistent hallmark of most every restaurant at every price point I've been to in Jalisco, Guanajato and Colima.

          Next door to La Fonda is the best Mexican supermarket in Atlanta with its terrific butcher counter, and right in front is a pushcart where you buy ears of corn slathered with butter, chili etc.

          The only thing keeping you from these two places should be the question of whether its more dangerous these days to fly, or to cruise out on I-85 to Norcross or north through 'every road with Bridge in its name' country to get to these places.

          End of Update.

          1. re: Sweet Pea
            Steve Drucker

            The smell of meat smoking sets me aquiver like a tabby stalking a can of tuna. I don't comment on GA bbq, however, cuz I've rarely had anything positive to contribute. Sigh.

            Glad you like these other places, and while Norcross is a fair piece from Suwanee, Duluth is within stiking distance.

            You might want to try Zapata in Norcross on P'tree Pkwy just north of Holcomb Bridge for very good and very good value Mexico City style refined upscale Mexican (i.e. no chips!).

          2. re: sandlapper

            It's true. As a new Suwanee resident, I was quick to find out that it is the black hole of BBQ.
            Dillard's has the right look & location, but not good Q.
            Log Cabin is brand new, the Q is good enough for a quick fix, But I'm not to keen on reheated frozen bbq.
            The closest decent BBQ to Suwanee is Lefty's in Buford.

            1. re: Gary Why

              i agree. dillards is ok at best. unfortunately the best bbq around is Jim and Nicks which is a chain.

              Holy Smokes in the Hamilton Mill area is pretty good too. The pulled pork was very good but the sides are just ok

              1944 Braselton Highway
              Buford, GA 30519
              (770) 963-0994‎