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Jul 23, 2004 11:03 PM

Hilton Head Island - chowhound worthy eats?

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My family and I am heading to Hilton Head Island on Monday for 1 1/2 weeks. We are going with family and expect to eat out a few times (lunch and dinner). I've perused the HHI web site, it appears there are plenty of choices. I need to sift some through this and get some recommendations from any chowhounds who have visited the island.


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  1. Hope you are checking your post while away. I am new to Chowhound, so haven't seen your post till today.

    I have family on Hilton Head and have been going to the island several times a year for ten years. Lots of restaurants on the island, but many are tourist traps and over priced.

    My recommednations are as follows:
    1) Truffles on Sea Pines plantation. Great selection, something for everyone. Try the ribs, fall off the bone good.
    2) Amigos Cafe Y Cantina, 70 Pope Ave, Phone: (843) 785-8226 - Great fish burritos and homemade salsa bar.
    3) Edible Pursuits - located in a nondescript strip mall, they serve a great Sat. and Sun. breakfast buffet. The interior is nothing special, but the Sat. and Sun. buffet food is well prepared. Don't expect a Golden Corral - like 2,000 entree buffet. It is very small, but all very good!
    4) It's Greek to Me - Authentic Greek food run by an authentic Greek family. Huge portions!
    5) Delvecchio's - Best damned pizza on the island in traditional NY style.

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      Angela Morris

      I remember eating at Its Greek to me several years ago.
      is it still being run by the same family? I remember a father and son, Fitousis might be the last name. they were very nice, great service, might go back if they are still in charge.

    2. We own a condo on the Island and go there several times a year. There are many good restaurants but three of our favorites for dinner are Charlies L'Etoile Verte, Red Fish and Old Fort Pub. For lunch you might try Cafe Europa in Sea Pines.

      1. Best place here is a small artsy tapas place.
        Called Art cafe or something like that.
        It is was really exceptional.

        1. The original comment has been removed