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Jul 22, 2004 04:34 PM

Danville, VA

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Suggestions for good eating in the Danville, Virginia area? (Will have two small children with us ...)

Thanks for any thoughts!

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  1. Check out Mary's Cafeteria. The fried chicken is absolutely amazing -- Danville's best. I haven't been for some ten years, but I remember being pleasantly surprised.

    1. Short Sugar's Barbecue is pretty good if you like barbecue.

      1. Danville is my hometown -- though I left decades ago. The pickin's for good food are kinda slim, but I do have friends there and visit from time to time. Hope this info is not too late for you.

        Two non-chain recommendations (Short Sugar's is pretty good 'Que, but it *is* a chain):

        1. Joe and Mimma's Italian Restaurant is nothing outstanding, but they do serve tasty home cooked red sauce Italian food and Pizza. I haven't been in a few years, but it is my friends' favorite spot. Very casual and good for the kids I would think. It's located in a strip shopping center on Riverside Drive (3336 Riverside dr). A bit hard to see from the street if I remember correctly. Nice people

        2. The Purple Onion Restuarant and Tiki Bar (yes a tiki bar in Danville!) has recently opened downtown at the very bottom of Main Street (215 Main). There was quite a bit of construction around there about 6 weeks ago so it may be a bit hard to find. I had lunch there and found it quite good. Simple stuff - sandwiches and a nice, fresh salad and soup bar and maybe an entree or two. At night I think they serve liquor, but it's quite a wholesome place and I think would be fine for the kids. Fun, colorful decorations with fake palms. Again, nice people run it.

        It's all very afforable. It's hard to spend a lot of money in Danville.

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          I opened The Purple Onion Restaurant & Tiki Bar in Danville because of the winters here. When it's dark, gray, wet & cold, you can come to a place where it's summertime all year long!! We open at 11am Tues - Sat and have live music on weekends. We do serve alcohol all day long, therefore I don't offer high chairs or booster seats. This place is where the parents come to relax without the kids. We offer sandwiches, wings, burgers, soup & salad and more. I plan to open the hot and cold food bar again in the Fall.
          Easiest way to get here is to come through the barricades behind Schewel's.

        2. I grew up in Danville and love to eat and drink. Although I moved away in th 80's for college et cetera, I love to visit and eat. For lunch, you MUST go to SCHOOLFIELD LUNCH on West Main Street. It's a classic bar-stool only lunch counter (literally) that hasn't changed since the 60's. No chairs or booths. It's hey-day was when textiles were booming; folks of all walks of life bellied up to the counter for amazing meals. You'll never get a better club sandwich (get the Senior Club) or plate lunch. The crew hasn't changed much in 2 decades. I agree that Mary's is a great place too. If you can find the DanView, I'd recommend it too. Short Sugars bar-b-q is good, but it's best version is over the border in Reidsville NC. Go to Schoofield Lunch -- it'll change your life!!!