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Jul 19, 2004 05:39 PM

Restaurants in New Bern, NC

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Are there any great (or even really good) places to eat in the New Bern, NC area? Recommendations anyone? Thanks in advance.

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  1. We own property there and hope to retire there in a few years. We haven't found any great restaurants but here are some good ones.
    Chelsea on the corner of Middle and Broad is very good.
    Captain Ratty's is good.
    Fred and Claire's is good for lunch or early dinner.
    Never been but the Berne is supposed to be good.
    The Sheradon has a restaurant that is good.
    There is one in a B&B that I cannot remember the name of, that is supposed to be excellent.
    I know there is a good pizza, ital, very casual place in the little mall off Rt. 17, behind BooksAMillion, Paula's, that is fairly good.
    I know there are others that we've been to but I just cannot remember them.

    1. If you are willing to drive to the beach try Bitro By the Sea or Island Grill. We have enjoyed both very much, make reservations.

      1. Found my book with all the restaurant notes from New Bern.
        The Berne Restaurant: Great for Sunday Brunch
        Port City Java: Good coffee and ... Breakfast sandwiches are good.
        Fred and Claires: A luncheonette but has great lunches and early dinners.
        The Chelsea: Excellent dining
        Cow Cafe: cute luncheonette next to the dairy. Watch them make Maola ice cream while you have a burger or cone.
        Nikola's Restaurant is good, in the Bridgepoint Hotel

        Hope you enjoy your time in New Bern!

        1. Many, many years ago there was a good steak & lobster restaurant, The Flame (?). It was always packed. I don't see it recommended for any of the New Bern posts. Is it still around? Has it lost its touch?

          1. The Henderson House, downtown, is a 1st-class restaurant. Bring lots of money.