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Jul 6, 2004 12:39 PM

Suggestions in South Georgia (noncoastal)?

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I'm a food writer looking for tips in South Georgia -- Perry, Columbus, Thomasville, Tifton, LaGrange, Valdosta, Bainbridge or places thereabouts. Looking for meat & threes, barbecue, fine dining, and if anyone knows any place that serves quail on a former plantation, I'd love to hear about it. I have heard about the restaurant in Perry, Henderson Village, but don't know about much else. Thanks much!

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  1. Being that my great uncle was a Baptist minister in Perry, I spent more than a few Thanksgivings having dinner at the New Perry Hotel. The food was always good and I loved the clean/starched linen type appearance of the place. I think it might still be worth checking out.


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      I agree the New Perry Hotel is a great place to eat. It is also a great place to stay. Ask for the room with the sun room. There also a place close to the Base at Warner Robbins called the White Diamond. Great BBQ they use a mustard sause. Their french fries are homemade.

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      Dave Vaughan

      Is Statesboro, Ga too far away for you? You might want to review Vandy's BBQ on East Vine or the Beaver House Restaurant on S. Main. Both are very good. Also Sybil's restaurant in Jesup.

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        Thanks much to both of you! I'll check out as many as possible.

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          Check out Daphne's on Lake Blackshear (near Cordele).

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            You might look at Oglethorpe BBQ Co. in Oglethorpe, which is near Montezuma. Can't speak for the rest of the menu, but this is some of the best 'cue around, IMO.

            I now live in eastern NC, and while I've grown to love eNC 'cue, I've always liked south GA's better -- and Oglethorpe has the best. In fact, I called my mom this weekend and asked her to ship me some.

      2. Thomasville - Mom and Dad's for some good Italian
        Bainbridge - Pace's Fish Camp for fried catfish

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          I second Pace's (though it's a little west of B'dge on Spring Creek Rd.). I've eaten a lot of catfish and Pace's can serve up some of the best!

        2. Bergeron's Downtown in Tifton
          Melissa's in Thomasville
          Plantation Grille in Albany
          The Bistro in valdosta
          The Ravine in Valdosta
          The Rocket in Albany

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          1. Fine Dining in Thomasville - Liam's - which is one of the best places around!