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Jul 1, 2004 01:17 PM

Columbia SC new deli/restaurant

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Had lunch there today - good stuff - DiPrato's on Pickens Street where the Purple Cow grocery used to be.

The folks from Dianne's on Devine own and run DiPrato's. Try it out. Go early - it was jammed by 12:15.

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  1. Just for everyone else, there's a link to a review of it from the Free Times below...


    1. The deli is much better than their Italian restaurant. I was quite dismayed at what was going on there. The ambience is great (dark, quaint, cozy) but the food was atrocious. They wanted $18 for a big bowl of spaghetti and meat sauce. The food was overpriced and quite unexciting. I had lamb tenderloins wrapped in pancetta, and I will swear that the lamb was frozen. I know for a fact that my wife's flounder was frozen, but they still wanted $28 for it. Everything was overpriced, including (no kidding) Greg Norman's shiraz on their ridiculous wine list. The service was about what you'd expect in Cola... stoned college kids. The bar was filled with smoke and drunk, dirty and profane old men, and I found the entire experience ridiculous.

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        I agree. The most memorable part of my meal there was the bisque. Everyone at the table had the same reaction when they tasted it; Campbell's Tomato Soup. One of our party left wearing his. The server, a grad student, dropped it on him.

      2. I've had some good sandwiches at DiPrato's. Despite the name, it's not really an Italian deli, at least not to this former NYer. It's more like a kind of gourmet deli. Apart from the sandwiches, I've enjoyed their fried pita chips (addictive when they are hot), chocolate chip cookies, and, when I'm in the mood for it, their fried cauliflower (which needs something, maybe a sauce to dip it in?).
        P.S. The menu is here:

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          Ohhhhh........those pita chips. When they have them warm on the counter for samples I want to sneak off with the basket and hide in a corner. Agree about the cauliflower. I like the cobb salad with their greek dressing. Good rare london broil sandwich on sourdough with horseradish.

          1. re: SweetPea

            The cobb salad - yummy! Makes two meals for me. The pita chips with the pimiento cheese are wonderful snacks for an informal party - they sell both to go. (Reheat the chips in the oven - not microwave.)

            Try the pastrami sandwich. Sooo good.

            1. re: Ellen of SC

              Had two rather unpleasant lunches there. Service was atrocious both times. The second time the server whisked my plate away before I was done (I was actually up looking for a coffee refill after waiting 30 minutes trying to get someone's attention). When I complained to someone who said she was the asst. manager, she said she wouldn't charge me for lunch, since I hadn't eaten half of it. Next thing I know, the owner, Di Prato, descended on me and my party like a harpie, demanding to know what the problem was. I told her politely I'd already settled matters with the asst. manager and didn't care to go through it again, but then that horrid woman started to make a scene, speaking so loudly that heads were turning despite how loud the background noise already was, insisting, "I'm the owner, and I have to know what's happened!" Again I referred her to her asst. manager, and when she wouldn't start yapping about how she can't correct problems without being informed, I just got up and left, with her continuing to yell at me across the restaurant. I've heard from other people just how snippy she can be. Plus she charges ridiculous prices for a restaurant that is basically a cafeteria that lacks any more service than you'd get at an S&S or Picadilly's, far higher prices than a nice restaurant with GOOD service charges. Totally unpleasant, and we've never been back since.

              1. re: Ms Rowena

                Ms Rowena, I'm sorry to hear of your experience at DiPrato's. And quite frankly surprised. I've lunched there at least a dozen times and have always found the food and the service to be far better than average, and think the prices are fair.

                Dianne, the owner, can be seen waiting tables and greeting customers. That she was unpleasant to you comes as rather a shock.