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Jun 25, 2004 03:08 PM

Zebra Restaurant??

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Does anyone have reviews or recommendations for Zebra Restaurant in the Southpark area of Charlotte? I visit charlotte often and have been told of the restaurant, but have never been in for dinner. Any information would be appreciated!!

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  1. The critics have raved about this place but I have found it very uneven. On one ocasion, my vegetables were so salty they were inedible. On another, the waiter was so scatterbrained the experience was laughable.

    I'll probably try the place again but there are other restaurants in this high end category that I would go to first.

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      What other places are in comparison cuisine-wise and price-wise? Thanks for the reply too!

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        Brent Kulman

        Sorry it took a while to reply but, unlike other message boards, this one doesn't move new posts to the top. So I didn't see your request until now.

        Here are my recommendations in the Zebra price and type category:

        Sonoma Grill

        Barrington's (not as elegant as the other three but the food is just as good)

    2. Zebra is wonderful - especially when Chef/owner Jim Alexander is cooking - although you shouldn't have to, ask if he will be cooking when you call for reservations. Well worth the extra effort. Enjoy!

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        1. I ate their once a couple of years ago and it was wonderful. It is a handsome place w/ wood paneled walls and warm & subtle animal prints. They feature nouveau french cuisine. I don't remember everything we had, but I do remember this velvety foie gras soup w/ mushroom duxelles that I still dream about.

          I also remember this oaf sitting at a table near us and he was going on and on about having recently been to Spago and the food at Zebra being better. All was said loud enough so that those in close proximity could be impressed. Ha!

          Other options in the area are Rooster's (sister resto to Noble's), M5, Andrew Blair's and Barrington's.

          1. The other places that are being recommended are all very fine, However Zebra is a first rate restaurant where I have always received excellent service and top notch meals. I'm not in love with the animal print decor but I love the food. An impressive vase salad, wonderful soups, creative entree's and I remember a lunch of a lobster roll. I don't see you being at all disappointed.

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            1. I went once, but it was so abysmal there is no way I'd ever return, even on a dare. The service was horrible, the price was a joke and the food was outright disgusting.

              What's most memorable of just how bad this place is has made this place a joke amongst my husband and I. We were served an amouse bouche that we still laugh about to this day - a small cup of soup, ok so far. My husband sampled, grimaced and then sat there in amazement. What kind of prank was this? No one could have convinced us that this "soup" was nothing more than a shot glass filled with hot honey mustard. Let me repeat. I ate a mouthful of hot honey mustard. That dinner was one of those horrible experiences where you feel trapped. Where you feel like you're being cheated. Where you end up drinking hot mustard.