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Jun 18, 2004 04:58 PM

The Brick Pit BBQ Mobile Al

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Anyone else love it as much as I do? They smoke their pulled pork for 25hrs. Thought that might make it harsh but man is it good.Know of any other Q place that smokes pork that long?

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  1. There Q is very good, but their portions are too small.

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    1. re: gary

      Every time I've been there the plates were full up. The rib dinners are awesome and more than I can eat. I've eaten at Dreamland,Corkys,and Rendevous but Brick Pit is the best I've ever had by far. On the wall theres a copy of the Atlanta Journal picking them as one of the 5 best BBQ joints in the South. It's good to live in Mobile!

    2. They have been comp cooks,but I have no idea why they would smoke that long,unless just for holding purposes.

      They are usually worth the stop,though.


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      1. re: Tom-Fl

        Never been to The Brick Pit, but long, slow cooking is certainly the way to the best BBQ. The true "experts" in the field say it should be cooked at a temperature not exceeding 225 degrees F until the internal temperature of the meat at the thickest point reaches 190 degrees F. On my smoker at home, that is about 20-22 hours for a 7 pound pork butt.

        1. re: Jim

          While every pork butt and every smoker lends it's own excentricities to the smoking process, I have found it takes one and a half to two hours per pound max to cook a pork butt to 195* with an average 225* cooking temp. I am trying to say that you are wrong but that is what my experience has been.

          I agree that low and slow is the way to smoke meats properly. But I wonder if they are possibly smoking whole shoulders instead of just butts. This would definitely the cook time.

          Just a few thoughts.


        2. re: Tom-Fl

          I'm with Ribdog in guessing that they are shoulders.

          We've stopped several times in passing,but never asked.



        3. Went while on vacation based on the many chowhound fans. Here's a picture of my companion's lunch portion.

          We had the spicy sauce and I really liked my sandwich.