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May 25, 2004 07:14 PM

Please! Help Us Decide in Charleston

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We are two full-on hounds heading to Savannah and Charleston near the end of June. Being from Central California, we want the full southern experience and/or seafood; no steaks or ethnic food. I have researched the archives here but still feel I need a bit of help before I make reservations. In Savannah we will go for Elizabeth's on 37th, Lady & Sons, and Savannah Bistro for sure. Do we bother with Wall's, Sapphire Grill, or 45 South?
In Charleston, we have so far SNOB, Jestine's, Charleston Grill, and Circa 1886. Any losers on that list? Everyone mentions McCrady's, but it looks like the sort of thing we can get in Santa Barbara. Do we bother with Hominy Grill, Anson's, Hank's? Is there a place we need to do lunch rather than dinner?
Atmosphere/price isn't that big of a consideration; we do want excellent food and service and don't mind paying for it.

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  1. I went to Jestine's last October and I wasn't impressed at all. I had their chicken, which they are supposedly famous for, and it was over cooked and didn't even taste like it was seasoned. I can't remember the sides I had. But I seem to remember liking them. I did have their Coca Cola cake and it was really good.

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      melinda young

      Been to Charleston many. many times and there is none better than Slightly North of Broad - lunch or dinner.

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        I totally agree with nearlywild's assessment of Jestine's. I went for lunch and did not think much of the place at all. Very run of the mill. I prefer Hominy Grill and SNOB.

      2. Jestine's is definitely more for lunch. Your dinner choices all sound like really good ones.

        1. In Sav go to Gottliebs. It is new. Lady & Son is messy but ok; do lunch there. I'd skip Eliz if you have had a heavy white table cloth meal in the last yr.

          In Charleston go to Magnolia. Go to McCradys. It's worth it.

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            I just don't care for Magnolia's that much. But what about The Boathouse on Isle of Palms. Or there's two good places on Sullivans Island; Atlanticville and Station 22. Have a drink at the Windjammer for a real beach flavor and go to one of those. Gee, decisions, decisions - so much food and so little time! Perhaps you could do the "appetizer tour" instead of one big dinner.

          2. It's been a long time since I've been there, but there used to be a seafood place called Sullivan's on Sullivan's Island, on the old route to Isle of Palms. When I ate there it had great seafood right off the boat, and all the cars out front had SC license tags. It wasn't a tourist joint.

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              Betty Mackinson

              Go to The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene on Shem Creek, which is a short drive over the bridge from Charleston in the town of Mt. Pleasant. Just call information for directions from Charleston. It is off the beaten path and does not even have a sign in front. You would never guess the building is a restaurant. DO NOT eat at any other restaurant in Shem Creek. The atmosphere is pure low country. Get there for the sunset.