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May 18, 2004 10:44 PM

Brookwood Farms Barbeque

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Ate lunch at Charlotte's Douglas Airport on Monday and had Brookwood Farms Barbeque in the food court. The barbeque was pretty good and the store advertised it as pit cooked NC bbq. They are from Siler City, NC. Does anyone know anything about Brookwood Farm? Do they have a BBQ restaurant?
I have seen their que in the grocery store's meat section but never thought much about trying it out.
Any info would be appreciated.

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  1. You were served microwaved grocery store barbecue. Their pit is a big electric oven.

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    1. re: Jim

      Oh, well, it tasted OK and filled me till I got home!

      1. re: sandlapper

        I'm sure it's the best choice at Charlotte-Douglas !

        1. re: Jim

          I had bbq brisket of beef there last night - what a shock - it was great!

      2. re: Jim

        I checked out and they say they cook on "open pits over natural hickory coals". Should we call for an investigation??!!!?

        1. re: Jim
          Nathan J Moore

          Actually Brookwood BBQ is truly pit cooked. My wife and I visited Brookwood Farms in Siler City. They begin to cook the BBQ at 530am in an open pit. It is amazing to watch. Go and visit, it is really educating to watch

        2. i had the baby back ribs here on a layover between LAX to JAX. i've chased Q my whole life (ever since my dad took me to Brother's Ribs in Detroit as a wee kid) and enjoy many kinds (tho i lean towards dry rub Santa Maria Style). I thought this place was excellent. Possibly living in LA for too many years has mad me just grateful for the NC style at any quality. The best part was the fried pickle garnish. it was the perfect ending. If i wasn't so rushed i'd have gone back to try other offerings. Too bad i flew home through DC.

          They may have been reheated in a microwave but they were certainly not cooked there. And screw it - even if they were, they certainly rocked. maybe other joints should learn microwave how to microwave ribs like them. It's the taste and texture, not the technique that matters in the end.

          1. Is this the place in the airside middle "atrium area" (near the glass-to-ceiling windows and rocking chairs) that also has a bunch of southern sides like collards and corn and green beans and mac&cheese and stuff? Because if so, it's the best airport food I've had in any airport, and beats out a lot of the non-airport places around these parts that attempt the same.

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            1. re: mikeh

              Yes it is. I stop by often when I am connecting through Charlotte at meal times.

            2. Brookwood doesn't have a restaurant- it's only sold in grocery stores and the like.