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May 4, 2004 10:49 AM

Best Mother's Day Brunch in Shreveport or Monroe, LA?

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I'm not from the area but my parents will be, any suggestions on best Mother's Day Brunch in Monroe or Shreveport?

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  1. Where are you going to be? Shreveport and Monroe are two hours apart. I have no suggestions for Monroe, but when I was there 2 years ago for a wedding, we tried to go out for breakfast, but found no places to go. We ended up at Cracker Barrel.

    You'll encounter the same thing in Shreveport. Unfortunately, most of the places I would suggest for Mother's Day brunch are private clubs. the University Club has the best food as far as private clubs go. there's also the petroleum club or all the country clubs should have brunches. If you are a member of any clubs, I would see if they have any reciprocal agreements with clubs in Shreveport. Southern Trace Country Club is part of Club Corp. They have a beautiful room overlooking the golf course that would be ideal if you belonged to a club corp. club.

    As far as restaurants go, you could try Columbia Cafe on Highland and Kings Highway. I've heard they have a good brunch, but I do not know if they are open on Sunday.

    There's always of course Strawns or the new Strawns Too out off of Youree Drive which is a more of a diner than someplace I would even think of taking my mother for brunch. Though, I think it's very overrated. I think even their icebox pies have gone down in quality.

    You might also try Olive Street Bistro, I don't know if they do brunch though. I know they do lunch during the week.

    And lastly, the best place but it's not brunch is always the Superior Grille on line avenue.

    Let me know if I can help in any other way.

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      I'd recommend Copelands, both in Shreveport and in Monroe. Excellent food! Specialize in brunches.

    2. I'd recommend Copelands both in Shreveport and in Monroe. Excellent, New Orleans cuisine. They seeme to specialize in brunches. Enjoy! Happy M.D.!

      1. Wouldn't you know it. Almost 10 friggin years later and the bubba's in Monroe still don't have options for folks to take mom on Mother's Day. Perhaps I'm just the only one in the city who doesn't know where the nice places are. That is, other than Copeland's (which recommended for everything). Maybe next year we will just take mom to Illinois for dinner. Seems to me like quite an expense just to keep mom out of the kitchen for a change. My guess is this message will also be good for 2023. Save it.

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          Cotton, Nonna, the Warehouse, Chef Eric's for weekday lunches...