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May 1, 2004 06:38 PM

Good eats in Cornelius/Huntersville NC area

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We just moved here and it'd be great to know where the good food is. Right now we're especially interested in places where you can get food to go because we have a young baby who is not restaurant-friendly.

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  1. Three recommendatons

    Mickey & Mooches is a little pricey but great.

    La Patisserie Mooresville 704 799 1633 Some of the best cheeseckae and other goodies anywhere.

    A hole in the wall BBQ place...exit 45 off 77 beside the gas station, just before you get to Statesville. Can't remember the name of the place Bessie's BBQ or something like that.

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      There are a bunch of new places at Birkdale Village off Exit 25. The is a place on each corner so you can pick which works best for you.


    2. Most spots around Lake Norman are OK when it comes to takeout.
      Mama Mia - Huntersville. Very good southern Italian with excellent seafood specials.
      Lupie's - Huntersville. Killer chili. Good burgers & nachos.
      Smilin' Jim's - Huntersville. Mostly lunch. Good homemade stuff with really good soups.
      Buzzy & Bear's - Huntersville. Hot dogs & brats.
      Sekisui - Huntersville. Japanese & sushi.
      Matt's Chicago Dogs - Cornelius. Real Vienna Beef sausages and meats.
      Lotus 28 and House of Taipei - Cornelius. Chinese.
      Splash! - Cornelius. Upscale but no problem with takeout.
      Zapata's - Cornelius. Better than average Americanized Mexican.
      Queen Bee Palace - Cornelius. OK Vietnamese.
      Sushi At The Lake - Cornelius. Sushi & Japanese grill.
      Thai Marlai - Cornelius. Very good Thai.
      Thai Grill - Cornelius. Very good Thai.
      Sangam - Cornelius. Indian.
      Acropolis - Cornelius. Greek & American. Open 7am-midnight. Those hours may be handy with a young baby.

      There are others that may suit your needs. Of course, most major chains are well represented in the area.

      Are you looking for anything specific?