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we like to grill our own steaks HOWEVER, we cannot find a decent cut of meat at any of our local grocers!!! we live in the heart of Buckhead and can travel up to 30 miles to find a good butcher.

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    Steve Drucker

    Yesterday I purchased sirloin flap meat (great for grilled sliced steak) at Carneceria Jalisco for a buck less a pound (3.99) than at Cosco.

    The carneceria labels it 'Fajitas'. So you can just ask for Fajitas Entero (the whole piece). Ask them to remove the fat and silver skin. The managers are multilingual, the counterstaff good natured but not universally fluent in English.

    Tip came from a manager at my local Publix (Spalding west of Holcomb Bridge)--one of the few real trained professional butchers I have encountered in the last 15 years. Sadly, he can only stock the meat that sells, so the selection there is typically supermarket limited. But he willingly does a lot of special stuff whenever I ask, and this tip re Jalisco was a good one.

    Supermarket Jalisco has 3 stores--Norcross (Beaver Ruin just NW of Indian Trail), Lawrenceville Hwy and Smyra (Jonquil Plaza).

    If you do find a 'real' butcher, I'd love to hear about it too. Doesn't seems like a business able to thrive in our auto/mall/superstore centric hometown, though.

    1. If you don't mind frozen steaks, the best you can get, go to http://stockyards.com/, you've probably have eaten their steaks at one of the many retaurants they supply

      1. If you don't mind frozen steaks, the best you can get, go to http://stockyards.com/, you've probably have eaten their steaks at one of the many retaurants they supply

        1. Never been but someday will try Shields Meat Market. I recall reading somewhere on the 'net that it's a multi-generation butcher. The below URL is to a previous Chowhound posting about it. Here's another page about them that google turned up:


          Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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            I second the Shield's recommendation. They are expensive, but really, really good. And it is nice to support them as a small business. If they have prime steaks, they are definitely worth the splurge. Best steaks I have ever had. Even beat Star Provisions wagu.

          2. The New Yorker Deli on Pharr still carries premium meats from when it was Harold's Meat Market. I cooked a prime standing rib roast from there that was one of the best pieces of meat I've ever eaten. They also have pork and d'artagan products, as well as some seafood.

            There is also a butcher in Decatur though I can't remember the name...The original location was downtown but I believe they moved up to the Emory area.

            1. I have found the butchers at Whole Foods quite helpful, and their dry aged beef very good - very expensive, but good.

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                I agree with Whole Foods/Harry's. It's expensive, but compare the price to a restaurant. I'll also second the New Yorker Deli as a VERY close Buckhead option.

              2. You might try this source:

                Quality Kosher Emporium - Locations: 2153 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329 (Lavista Rd NE, in Biarvista SC), 404/636-1114; 5942 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30328 (just N of Perimeter near Hammond Dr in Sandy Springs), 404/705-8643; 800/305-6328; (qualitykosheremporium.com) - Glatt and non-Glatt kosher supermarket with beautifully marbled beef for which USDA grades do not apply; meats exceed government standards - Some beef cuts such as Porterhouse are not available because they are not kosher and some of the names may not be familiar, ask personnel for guidance - Prices are pretty comparable to grocery store prices - Also full range of canned and dry goods and deli counter with selection of heat-and-serve takeaway foods - M-W>0730-1800h, Th>0730-1900h, F>0730-1500h, Sun>0730-1400h, closed Sat

                Their website doesn't specify products, but I stumbled upon this link below:

                Link: http://www.uscj.org/soeast/tallahasse...

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                  Why is a porterhouse not kosher?

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                    I believe that any meat from the hind quarters is not Kosher

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                  Michael Barry Musgrove

                  I always would get NY strips from the Decatur Farmer's Market & thought they were great. They move a LOT of meat and the cut and quality are really good in my opinion and they'll cut to your specifications. The great thing about buying it there is that while you're there, you can pick up ANYthing else in the entire world to eat. Also I think there is still a butcher around the Decatur town square. The dry aged at Whole Foods is a good choice also.

                  1. Shields meat market in Emory Village is good but expensive--the cuts of meat are good and the freshness is unbeatable. Ask for Jeff--he's been there for years.

                    1. Fergusons Meat Market in Cumming is quite good, great FULL customer service, well trained staff, and will get you just about any cut you need, if requested in advance.

                      I echo the suggestion of Whole Foods meat counter as well, well trained staff, and very good higher end product, including the dry aged case.

                      1. Fergusons Meat Market in Cumming, GA - http://www.fergusonsmeatmarket.com
                        Got whole pork shoulders for a BBQ cook-off. (Shields didn't have much of a selection. More of an 'upscale' butcher shop). Fergusons is the real deal.
                        I've also heard that the Sweet Auburn Market downtown has some good butcher shops

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                          You can also try Star Provisions on Howell Mill.


                          click on Star Provisions, then Meat and Seafood. The cheese in there is ridiculous too.

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                            Has anyone tried the new meat/seafood market in Decatur (Ponce, near downtown square) called Sawicki's? I hear that it is the Star Provisions folks who ran the meat counter opening up their own business.

                        2. I have gotten great steaks from Grillers Pride - http://www.grillerspride.com/Home.jsp

                          Be aware it is a kosher butcher so only kosher cuts of meat -

                          1. Prime Beef in Atlanta

                            Star Provisions: The only place in town where you can always get prime beef that has been dry aged for 30 days. The beef comes from Halperns and Buckhead Beef and is consistently high quality. They do not have a band saw, so if you want a bone-in rib steak, it is going to be around 2.5 inches thick -- they cannot cut through bone. The butchers can be rude, but it is worth it -- they are open as late as Bacchanalia, though the butchers leave at 7 PM, you can get them to cut you a piece of meat at 8PM, or you can call ahead when the butchers are there, and pick it up after they leave. They also carry Berkshire pork, but there is a better place in town to get this if you are looking.

                            Shields Meat Market: These guys constantly disappoint me though I want to like them because they are a local, old school shop. They sometimes carry prime beef, just ask. Their beef is wet aged for two weeks and dry aged for another two weeks. All and all, I feel they do not have a top notch product, and the cuts can be sloppy. If you are looking for choice-plus, and are not too picky, these are your guys.

                            Sawicki's: This is run by the old Star butcher and is a very cool shop. They generally carry Painted Hills natural beef, which is mostly grass fed, I think there is some grain finishing. They also carry, or used to carry, Wagyu. They are very nice and very expensive -- more so than Star. I cannot speak to the quality of Painted Hills, but its is mostly grass fed (with a little grain finishing) and I'm sure it is the best in its category. If I wanted Wagyu or natural beef, this is where I would go if I did not order it.

                            Oak Grove Meat Market: Very similar to Shields, except I do not believe they ever carry prime beef.

                            Bryans Fine Foods, Bryan Flannery: Not in Atlanta, however, the best butcher for beef that I know of -- http://www.bryansfinefoods.com. Be sure to call the shop and ask for him, the level of service and the quality of product is extremely high and makes the price worth it. He has small herd, California raised, ultra prime beef. He sells Berkshire and Duroc pork also. I've ordered from him twice now, and have been very satisfied.

                            Riverview Farms: They raise Berkshire pork and sell it at a great price -- they are at the Morningside Farmers Market on Saturdays -- http://www.grassfedcow.com/id1.html

                            Conclusion: I have been ordering from Bryan and supplementing my orders with SP -- if I forget to thaw a steak, I'll go by SP. I am making an effort to get more pork from Riverview, if I am able to plan ahead, otherwise, Star has this also. Oh, and the Whole Foods on Ponce has prime at times and usually has choice plus that is dry aged.

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                            1. re: bwlansing

                              Great, informative post, bwlansing. Thank you.

                              Shields is great. Really helpful, nice, informative and they didn't lack at my fledgling knowledge when I went in looking for a leg of lamb. Which happens to be his specialty. Support!

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                                Wow, talk about raising a post from the dead.

                                That's some insanely boutique-y beef at Bryan's. I'm a decent cook, but I don't know that I have the stones to cook a $40+/lb steak for fear of messing it up. I stopped briefly in Star Provisions not long ago after not visiting for a couple years. Was amazed by the room they converted for salami curing and beef aging. Pretty cool- if only I had a room to spare at home.

                                Anyway, I'm all about good beef, but I can live with lesser cuts for the sake of affordability. With that in mind, Costco has had a run of prime ribeye's and strips for some time now. In the range of $7-$10 per pound. Maybe not dry aged to perfection, but in the realm of something the unwashed masses can afford more than once a decade or so (gotta celebrate that census).

                                The Restaurant Depot location in Norcross also made an attempt at carrying some prime cuts (bone and boneless ribeyes, top sirloin, strip loins). It looks like they're closing it out due to lack of interest. I have no idea why the intown location didn't do this b/c they seem to do a higher-end biz. Anyway, that works out to just under $6/lb for a whole Prime strip loin. Cutting, trimming the fat, and vacuum sealing the steaks myself puts the price up in the $8/lb range. Thats a total of 12 steaks for around $90.

                                I cooked a Prime tenderloin from RD for Xmas. It was amazingly good and only cost about $11/lb (and only a dime or so per pound more than Choice). Choice tenderloin at Costco is around $15/lb.

                                1. re: ted

                                  I love Ferguson's Meat Market in Forsyth County. They are wonderful. http://fergusonsmeatmarket.com/

                                2. re: bwlansing

                                  I'll have to try Riverview Farms -- thanks for the great post!

                                3. Does anyone buy a whole or half cow/pig? My father has been doing this for years and it's such a deal. He buys from an organic grass fed farm that runs under the regulation of the local university's agri dept. I don't have the space for it or I would go for a quarter. Pops has 3 freezers so I tend to do a bit of "grocery shopping" when I'm in town. Hehe.

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