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Feb 4, 2004 08:51 AM

Anyone in Atlanta know where to buy Italian meats?

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I've heard a horrible rumor, that Salumeria Taggiasca in Atlanta is going to be leaving the curbside market area, and they are still unsure if they are going to re-open.
This is the only place i've found Guanciale in atlanta (and very good at that too!), so i'm trying to scope out other italian groceries that might have guanciale (cured pork jowels) and real pancetta.

Can anyone point me anywhere? 48th st. market is ok, but doesn't have any good meats.


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    Steve Drucker

    Arbat Grocery, Spalding just east of Holcomb Bridge across the road from Publix.

    Carries a full line of pre-packaged various salumi from Ontario, fairly decent quality.

    1. Whats up with that?! Is it a problem with the market or not making money? Hope it isn't true.

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      1. re: EP
        Jason Molinari

        Yup it is true. I called them a few days ago. Apparently they have had a very bad year, and rent is just too high. They were looking for an new location pending good news from their investor. If that doens't happen, i was told they will probably do pickup service at their warehouse, or might have a delivery service via a local courier service.

        Either way i was told would be updated as necessary.


      2. Let me get this straight. Your last name is Molinari, and you're asking us about where to get Italian meats? A bit ironic, isn't it? You have tried Molinari sausages haven't you?

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        1. re: detlefchef
          Jason molinari

          Well, i'm italian from italy, but i don't know where the groceries here are! Yes i've tried Molinari sausages, they are decent.

          1. re: Jason molinari

            I wasn't implying that you should know. Being from the SF bay area, Molinari is a pretty big name in Italian meats, and it thought it rather humerous to read such a thread from someone with that name. That's all. Good luck in finding what you're looking for.

            1. re: detlefchef

              Its hard to believe that there isn't a good Italian grocery store in Atlanta. We consider ourselves as an International city but way down the list on ethnic foods. I think most Italians bypass Atlanta and go to Florida instead.We see those beautiful markets on the Food channel from San Fran or New York and Chicago but their must not be a market here for it. Too bad.Gotta get out of town or use mail order!

              1. re: Ken Huggins

                Check out E. 48th. St Market in Dunwoody

                1. re: Ken Huggins

                  I never eat pizza here in Atlanta. It is always very doughy. Good Italian bread is unheard of.I'm from the north so I struggle on those two levels alone, not to mention other things. I'm pretty sure Italians bypass Atlanta,.

          2. I lived in Decatur for about five years, and never did find an Italian grocer in the whole metro area. The closest thing was the general purpose Decatur Farmers Market, but that was nothing like the little neighborhood stores in Chicago, where I grew up.

            Another poster mentioned the Italians having skipped over Atlanta, and I guess that's true. Memphis, strangely enough, has a small but visible Italian-American community. I visited Baltimore around Thanksgiving last year, and my brother, who lives in Rockville (DC area) took me to a storefront It. grocer that took my breath away! A huge wheel of Romano on the counter, with fresh-grated R. in the open air next to it. Meats, cheeses, a huge selection of pasta, wines. . . Ah, heaven!

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            1. re: ChrisN

              Just moved to Atlanta, and looking for fresh hog jowls to make my own guanciale. Several butchers can order 50 pound minimum orders, but that is way too much.

            2. Try the Spotted Trotter. Kevin makes good stuff, and will often sell other stuff. It's not just charcuterie; it's also a butcher shop.