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Jan 21, 2004 05:32 PM

Raw oysters in Charleston

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I will be traveling to Charleston this weekend and while I have noticed a lot of posts that speak of fried or roasted oysters, I have not seen that much on fresh. Any suggestions on the best place in Charleston for raw oysters? Price or atmosephere are not a concern, just freshness.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hanks downtown has an oyster bar, and Bowen's island on the way to Folly is a great place just to go & has lots of oysters. I think the Charleston Crab House has them, too but I'd recommend the 1st 2 places. Hanks is a little more "uptown" Bowen's island is rustic & on the water & fun.

    1. If they are still in business, AW Shucks ( just off the market ) once had good raw oysters. however, anywhere in Charleston will most likely have gulf (Apalachicola) oysters, which will be no better or no worse than what you can get anywhere. Bowens Island may still have locals. Someone from Charleston can clarify.

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        It's been a couple of years, but a very proper Bay Street Charlestonian used to bring us Bulls Bay oysters by the bushel when she came to visit in Atlanta. Don't know where she got them, I'll ask. Also, AW Shucks usually had Bulls Bay oysters in season. btw: In my experience, the oysters and the deep-fried crab-stuffed shrimp are the only 2 items to order at AW Shucks; and be sure to slip the guy behind the oyster bar his generous tip BEFORE he prepares the oysters and shrimp.

        Also, I don't hear very much about Bulls Bay oysters outside of the immediate area, but they are simultaneously both the briniest and sweetest I've had. Any input on these oysters as well as the oystermen and their oyster beds?


      2. Check this out! The annual Charleston Oyster Roast is this Sunday at Boone Hall Plantation! It is a blast- a few mile sup Hwy 17 through Mt. Pleasant on your left. It features a lot of bands, contests and is a lot fo fun, but you may need to get your tickets early if you want to go. It really has a LOT of steamed oysters, but I couldn't imagine not findind raw. It also has other foods from local restaurants. It's very popular, and is only once a year. Check it out:
        (this is last year's but I'm sure a google search will land you in the right place or you can call)

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          1. I really like the raw oysters at Amen Street, on the corner of East Bay and Cumberland. They serve them with a delicious, straightforward mignonette sauce. Not local oysters but not your basic Apalachicola oysters either. Local oysters are just now getting in season and you are most likely to find them on menus steamed, as they are a pain to shuck raw.

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              We have local oysters now in Charleston. I like Amen too. For $7 steamed buckets I like Locklear's in Mt. Pleasant.

              1. re: Sue in Mt P

                Local SC oysters are usually in clusters,are really hard to shuck,with shells often breaking and never willing to properly lay in groups of 12 on serving plate,beyond that they are only the best tasting oysters on the face of the earth!

                So,get a good knife and a cooler,go down to Crosby's at Folly,buy twice as much as you think you can eat,a whole bushel is only $20,get a six pack and you are set!