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Jan 14, 2004 01:11 AM

HELP - Middle Eastern Food in Birmingham

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I live in Tuscaloosa, AL, and can report with confidence that there is all but no Middle Eastern food to be found in town -save the mediocre and overpiced Hooligan's (which, to be fair, does serve an incredible mint sweet tea) and Manna Grocery, which has, like, basil-infused hummus.

Birmingham's only an hour away, and I've decided that there must be at least one shop in that town that sells haloumi cheese and leben, the bangers and mash of the middle east.

Any suggestions on where to begin my search?

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  1. Birmingham has a decent-sized Lebanese population, so I think you will meet with success. Not sure if either are still there, but I've been to Nabeel's in Edgewood and The Purple Onion on Southside. Nabeel's, if I remember correctly, has more of a store.

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      Thanks so much for your suggestions -

      I'm going to try to hit up both Nabeel's and The Purple Onion on my next trip to Birmingham.

      Thanks again,

    2. I've already mentioned this strip mall several times, but there is a middle eastern grocery on Green Springs in Homewood opposite Publix that has good selection from what I've seen.

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        Anyone been to any of these places recently? Ubertrout seems to be resurrecting several long-dead threads. My info was old in 2003, so I'd hate to have it pop up and steer someone wrong in 2006.

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          The middle eastern grocery is sandwiched between Ladie's Riveria Gym and Seoul Restaurant (Korean) on Greensprings Highway. I ate lunch at Seoul this past Sat and can report that the middle eastern grocery is still there!

      2. I just went through threads relating to Birmingham, having just gotten here. I think people still read these older threads, especially with the site redesign. Outside what I posted, I can't vouch for other postings.
        However, I will note that both Nabeel's and Purple Onion are still open (the latter 24 hours).

        1. LOVE Nabeel's and the Purple Onion! Have moved away recently, and boy do I miss those places!