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Jan 2, 2004 05:54 AM

Ollie's BBQ Sauce - B'ham

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I spent many summers growing up in Birmingham with my grandparents, and Ollie's BBQ was a staple food. Since then, any time a family member was in Birmingham we'd make a point of picking up a couple of gallons of Ollie's sauce, which would hold us for a while.

While having the traditional pork roast yesterday, I was informed by my parents that Ollie's BBQ has *closed* (I knew it moved) and that they can't find the sauce -- which was reported to be available at local grocery stores.

So, my question is threefold:
1) Is Ollie's sauce obtainable?
2) If not, can we reverse engineer an "open source" recipe for same?
3) Can anybody recommend a worthy alternative?

I'm already working it through in my head -- vinegar, pepper, butter?, hmm... but does anybody have any more 'proprietary' information on this?

Heartbroken in Annapolis,

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  1. I feel your pain over Ollie's closing. The new Ollie's was on H31, the Montgomery highway. B'ham friends say it didn't last long after the move.

    As for sauce we enjoy Dreamland sauce and that can be ordered over the phone or net.

    1. I have been very happy with the sauce offerings from Big Bob Gibson's Restaurant just a little ways up the road in Decatur AL. I use their Championship Red, their Habanero Red and their Backyard Mustard. You can see these at their site which is


      1. You might try this link to order Ollie's:


        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I got it from Mr. P's butcher in Hoover a few months ago.

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              you cna find Ollie's sauce at the Piggly Wiggly and Publix - probably Western also