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Jan 14, 2005 01:52 PM

[PDX] Oregonian's "IT" list...

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The Oregonian has released a list of boutiques and restaurants that are "hot". I've only been to two, Bar Pastiche and Echo, but I've heard others mentioned here. See link for the full list.


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  1. Thanks so much! I've put H2O on my list and will plug into my Navigation System for our upcoming trip to Portland in March.

    Claude is also on my list for a chop chop (I wonder how much a haircut is there?) If a have to wait, I've never been to Saucebox, either!

    Finally, Pufferfish Sushi is on my list. We eat Japanese food at LEAST once a week where I live. All of my girls are totally hooked on California rolls. We'll have to try them here. Thanks, NICK!! I'll be looking for your firsthand report on some of these places. You've never steered my wrong, yet! LOL ***kim***

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      Beware a little, though. The Oregonian isn't always the most trustworthy of the dining reviews.