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Nov 7, 2003 04:54 PM

King's BBQ in Petersburg VA

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I've heard good things about Kings in Petersburg, but I understand that there are two restaurants. Are they interchangeable? Which is better?


David A.

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  1. I GREW UP on KING's BBQ-- there are 2 locations but the ONLY one RUN by the ORIGINAL KING family is the
    one on CRATER ROAD...

    You can get the best SLICED outside cut Pork BBQ anywhere on earth here- Plus their ONION RINGS are to die for...and their Apple Pie ala mode is a KILLER...
    They ALSO have the BEST Southern Fried Chicken!!

    EVERYTHING is homemade ( except for green veggies which are canned)...

    Waitresses can be huffy or sweet- depends on who you get---but we don't go there for the service- it's the food that is terrific..