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Aug 24, 2003 05:20 PM

Pierogi's in the triangle?

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Anyone know where to find good Pierogi's in the area? How about a good authentic jewish deli?

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  1. An authentic Jewish deli -- you can barely find an authentic Jewish deli even in NY these days! I don't know of anything that even tries to fit this description in the Triangle, and I suspect that I would have heard of such a place did it exist. Your best bet might be the Guglelhopf bakery in Durham -- it's German rather than Jewish, but they make excellent rye bread. You can also pick up a mediocre Challah on Fridays at Weaver Street Market. That's about all I can tell you.

    You might try Whole Foods or Harris Teeter or Lowes for frozen pierogi. I know they're manufactured because I recall trying them some years ago.

    The three restaurants I would most love to have magically transplanted to the Triangle: Second Avenue Deli in New York, Pepe's Pizza in New Haven, China Pearl in Boston.

    David A.

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      If you are ever in Greensboro, there is a polish deli named Integro in the Adams Farms shopping center next to Harris Teeter. I had homemade pierogis there on Wed. Much better than Mrs.T's!! They were mushroom and saurkraut. They also have pot.and cheese, and meat. They have other polish dishes, such as stuffed cabbage and fresh keilbasa, borscht too. Lots of interesting stuff. It is on High Point road in or near Sedgfield.

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        Wow, I lived in adams farm for 5 years and left there in 2005. How long has this place been here? Next time I am home I will try this. We live in NJ and have found a great Polish place in Brooklyn called Christina's. We love it.

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          The post before yours was in Nov 2003 so I'd guess it was there when you were there. The last time I was there it was a door or two to the left of the Mexican place.

    2. depressingly, there are no good pierogi in the area. I have a friend in Cleveland who brings me coolers full of them from time to time. I know you can get them mail order from a few places, but I haven't tried any of them yet.


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        Tom from Durham

        Horwitz' Deli in MacGregor Village (Cary) is the area's closest approximation of a good Jewish deli. Actually had a decent tongue sandwich there last time I stopped in. The wife had chopped liver, also good. They serve Dr. Brown's, they have knishes--don't know about pierogis, though. All in all, not bad--not world-class, but not bad at all.

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          Tom from Durham

          I called Horwitz's. They do not serve pierogies. :-(

        2. Mrs. T's are readily available in area supermarkets. Not home made, but not bad, either.

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            Before I resorted to mrs T,I would get mail order Millies pierogi. I am a freak for them I make my own.

          2. I haven't been able to fine a decent one yet. I moved here 5 years ago and before I left CA my sister and came nearly close enough to be kind of proud of our grandma's Detroit Polish recipe of being perfect. It's an all day project. I'd be happy to share the recipe. any takers?