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Aug 13, 2003 09:04 AM

Good eats in Fort Smith, AR???

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I'll be in Ft. Smith a couple of days next week. Any of you 'hounds down there know of some reccomendable eating establishments? Seafood, steak, and Chinese are my preference. Top line BBQ would also do. Thanks!!

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  1. Check out Pho Huong on Grand Ave. Amazing Vietnamese food. There is a large population of Vietnamese in Fort Smith, and many great V. restaurant abound, but be sure to go to Pho Huong-the lemongrass beef is incredible.
    Taliano's in downtown Fort Smith is an Italian restaurant that has been a staple for a loong time-its beautiful and good. On 14th St.

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      Ahhhh, Taliano's!!! Did some work in Ft Smith a coupla years ago and enjoyed Taliano's, there was also a German Restaurant in the same area.

      Also Whitaker (sp???) winery a few miles away..had really good Smoked Pork Chops in the Restaurant..

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        I agree, both restaurants are good picks. Just wanted to note for those who adhere to the dietary laws that may come across this post that Taliano's is owned by the same people who run Momo's, the Middle Eastern and Greek Bistro, and like Momo's, they are equipped to prepare foods according to Halal and Kosher laws.