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Jul 30, 2003 02:28 PM

Seeking Food Finds in Atlanta: ghetto burger, turducken

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I'm on a mission to find some specialty foods in Atlanta.

The first is the ghetto burger, which I've been told is available, but not given the restaurant.

The second is the southern specialty Turducken (chicken in a duck in a turkey + stuffing) -- are there any southern-food restaurants that will have this available?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Found the ghetto burger! Anyone had experiences?


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      1. re: Guy

        Maybe it's like the "Welfare burger" that Eddie Murphy eluded to in his movie "Raw". It's a homemade burger with green peppers in it, served on flimsy white bread. Ummm, yum?

        Why would anyone want turducken in Atlanta, when it's a Lousiana thing? Just curious.

      2. re: Joshdecatur

        It's overwelming, but good. Not the best burger ever, but combined with the "atmosphere" and the quantity, it's an experience.

      3. There is a cajun meat market on Roswell road just off the south 120 loop that does an ok turducken or other stuffed bird. I am still partial to Hebert's in Maurice. They freeze well.

        1. Yes, after living in the neighborhood for 12 years and repeatedly driving by Ann's, we stopped in a couple of months ago. Although the neighborhood is not the best in Atlanta, folks are friendly. It looks exactly like the picture in the link posted in another response below - that is the ENTIRE restaurant. It is tiny, maybe 10 counter stools, and very hot in the summer. We got our burgers to go.

          Basically, the drill is: you enter and stand, waiting your turn to order. There are signs instructing you not to lean on the counter and to please take a seat when one becomes available. After your order is placed, you can sit and watch as Miss Ann or another cook form an enormous patty of ground beef and slap it on the grill. It is a sight to see! My husband had a ghetto burger - two giant patties, and the works. I had the more modest cheese burger - one patty, at least 12 ounces. We also had fries, cooked to order and fresh out of the fryer, which were so good that we ended up eating them while waiting for the burgers to be done. We opted for the offered sprinkling of Lawry's Seasoned Salt, which seems to be the secret ingredient here.

          Overall, delicious! I would definitely go back again when craving a 2000 calorie sandwich. They also serve other sandwiches and hot dogs, including something called "splits". Anyone know what these are? We are suspecting deep fried hot dogs...mmmm.