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Jul 30, 2003 02:26 PM

Good Eats Rome to Greenville SC to Newberry SC

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Driving from Huntsville AL - through Rome GA to Greenville SC (I-75 to I-285 to I-85) - then going on to Newberry SC.

Any lunch reccomendations along the way and Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner suggestions in Newberry?

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  1. Excellent barbecue in Greenville, SC, at "Henry's Smokehouse" on Wade Hampton Blvd. (Hwy 29). Take
    I-385North to Stone Ave exit, turn right and go to the 2nd light, turn right. Go to traffic light turn right onto Wade Hampton and Henry's is on the right.
    You can then backtrack to I-385 which you can stay on until it runs into I-26 at Clinton,SC, just north of Newberry.

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    1. re: sandlapper

      Second on the Henry's recommendation

      1. re: Michael B

        Henry's is a good recommendation. My only beef with Henry's is that I like my ribs to have a little bite to them. Henry's cooks are from the school that says cook the ribs until they fall off the bone. In any case, henry serves a good real pit smoked barbeque that, in my opinion, is the best that you'll find oin the upstate.

        If you're a fan of old school traditional southern cooking, you may also enjoy the Country Ham House in Greenville and Perry's back Porch in Propserity which is just south of Newberry.

        Both are cafeteria type operations that serve basic southern staples of meat and three at a very reasonable price. I particularly liked Perry's Back Porch because they served awesome homemade cobblers. Perry's has undergone an ownership change in the last year or so. So, I can't guarantee that its as good as it once was.

        Good eating!

        1. re: YourPalWill

          I had Henrys on Tuesday night and have to tell you I was extremely disappointed after reading all of the revues. Yo uwere correct about the texture of the ribs...but I also found them to be rather tasteless. Really good ribs barely need sauce but these needed the sauce just to give them flavor. The sides were okay and the pulled pork doesnt measure up with Wilburs, Carolina BBQ or Kings....not even in the same league. Still looking for the really good BBQ in Greenville since I'm moving here in the spring.

      2. re: sandlapper

        Henry's bbq is good, no arguement. But the hash isn't the real deal; i.e., traditional Carolina Hash. Henry's hash is more like chopped bbq swimming in sauce.

      3. Wise's BBQ not far north of Newberry on US 76. I've never been there but have had good reports from others.

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        1. re: Sandy

          I stopped at Wise's last week. Loved the atmosphere -- this is real country. The hash was everything I had heard it would be: real, old-fashion stuff. The sauce, however, was a bit too thin and tart for my taste. I make better sauce. If you get the pulled pork, you might want to skip the sauce altogether. The meat's tasty and moist.

        2. Hope this isn't too late. Steven W's Bistro in Newberry is good. I hear very good things about Dalamater's also.