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Jun 23, 2003 03:14 PM

Sauls Bar-B-Cue

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An absolutely miserable Outer Banks vacation rain-a-thon (OK dinner at Blue Point) was partially redeemed by a serindipitous lunch at Sauls on the drive back to Norfolk; not too far from the Wright Brothers Bridge. Although N.C. cue is not my favorite, this rendition was terrific.

Other than a letter from Southern Living Magazine (that was unobtrusively posted by the cash register)which said that Sauls would be listed as one of the 150 top bbq places in the South, I have found virtually no mention of the place anywhere.

Anyone familiar with it?

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  1. Love the name....

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    1. re: Chuck

      Yeah... Saul's Kosher-Q

    2. yes, as a matter of fact I have. They are located in Harbinger, N.C. and is family owned. I love their food.