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May 28, 2003 01:22 PM

DC hound moving to Clemson, SC...needs food help!

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Hi folks...I usually stick around the DC boards, but I'm moving to Clemson this summer, so I need some help finding some decent places to eat and shop. Any recommendations are welcome within an hour drive of Clemson. We love going out for everything from BBQ and burger joints to Asian/Middle Eastern/African restaurants; pricey to divey. And I need some find some good places to shop, so send along any recommendations for ethnic groceries, farmer's markets, etc. I know it's going to be a very different scene than DC, but hey, the houses are cheaper too! Thanks a bunch!

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  1. There's a goat farm called Split Creek in nearby Pendleton. Good goat cheese, interesting field trip.

    1. I'd suggest arranging a good relationship with a gourmet grocer in DC who's willing to ship to you.

      As for dining, Atlanta's only 2 1/2 hours away.

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      1. re: YourPalWill

        as a socar fan that was the best you could do? ":^)
        I thought you would be all over the Klem(P)sum issue.

        Actually, there was a discussion about that area on here the other day. There are a couple of places near Pendleton (about ten minutes south)--a pub on the square & the old Farmers' Hall Restaurant that are passable. There are a few B&B's in the region that have decent food but nothing outstanding. Anderson is growing but, except for Skin Thrasher's for hot dogs, there is nothing truly remarkable there unless you like chains.
        On the plus side, Atlanta & Asheville are about equidistant & relatively easy drives. Greenville has some promise on occasion & for a weekend head up to Table Rock for the buffet at the state park.
        Become very good at pairing meals w/ blue cheese b/c the university makes some of the best domestic blue cheese around. It is excellent & if you work it right you can make arrangements to ship blue cheese in exchange for other delicacies.

        1. re: Lan4Dawg

          I had to hold my tongue. Blue cheese is truly Clemson's redeeming factor from a culinary perspective (and one of the few that I will admit to generally). I still stand by my comments on the grocer.

          1. re: YourpalWill

            Hush your mouth... the peach icecream is the best in the world.

        2. re: YourPalWill

          Funny...i was going to say the same thing, but I've been thinking lately that I come across as very negative (bordering on bitter) on this board *grin*

          I do believe there is a Dean and DeLuca in D.C.

          Also, Asheville is worth the drive.

          1. re: danna

            There are a number of Dean and DeLuca stores in Charlotte, NC which is a lot closer than DC.

            1. re: Paul H

              very good point. And in defense of the region, Greenville does have some very passable restaurants. It's only 40 minutes away.

              I spent two years in Greenville a while back and found that there were some decent options there. There was a nice gourmet grocery on Augusta Road which went out of business due to lack of interest. I made friends with the owner of the Italian Market north of the city who would special order wines by the case for me.

              I always enjoyed the Cafe Europa on Main Street as well as Soby's for casual to upscale dining.

              1. re: YourPalWill

                Actually, Earth Fare, the Asheville-based organic grocery moved into the space on Augusta Road where that other market vacated. It's a lot better than the other place was, IMO.

            2. re: YourPalWill

              CLemson is a touch dry in the culinary world but has charm. Athens is only an hour and a half away though so come down to the Five and Ten!

              1. re: Hugh Acheson

                well hello Hugh! It is good to see you here & congrats to both the restaurant and to you on all the great press.
                We try to hit Five and Ten every time we get to the Classic City and have an opportunity. I am addicted to the cauliflower soup.
                If you ever feel like "slumming" on game day swing by the tailgate for at least a cocktail & to say hello.

            3. This is not giving me a good feeling...but at least I'm laughing. :)

              Goat cheese sounds good, but I don't think I can live off of it!

              1. For burgers and general grease fix, The Beacon in Spartanburg - anything ordered "A-Plenty" will be heaped up with fries and onion rings. Look at the servings before ordering to get an idea of how far you or your cholesterol level will want to go.

                For good open-faced sandwiches, there is a diner called the Twin Palmettos in Inman, just NW of Spartanburg off US 176. Nothing fancy, but big portions - 2 thick slices of bread (one on top of the other in what seems to be a southern tradition) with lots of meat and gravy heaped on top, plus lots of fries, cooked very well. It tends to get crowded at lunch time. They have a large and varied lunch menu, but I've never gotten past the open-faced beef.

                Anderson has some fairly good restaurants, including at least one good bbq place. Do a Google search for some ideas.

                For the rest, do a search in this list back aways and you will find plenty of info on Greenville, Spartanburg, and the general area. It isn't such a wasteland, especially Greenville (which has a fair number of foreign personnel due to the German and Japanese manufacturing plants nearby), as some would have you believe. Although I've never eaten bbq in the Greenville area, I have it on good authority that there is decent bbq there.

                If you are driven to head toward Asheville, avoid Green River Barbecue in Saluda and The BBQ Shack in Etowah. Their minced bbq is very dried out and tastes much like sawdust, and their mild sauce tastes like KC Masterpiece or Bullseye. My 13-year old says that the spicy sauce is not too bad, but it was too hot for me. Of the two, Green River is at least a true bbq place, but the Bbq Shack seems to be mainly a steakhouse.

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                1. re: Sandy

                  We're flying into Greenville this weekend to look for a house, so maybe we'll have to do The Beacon for lunch. I read about it in Southern Belly too.

                  1. re: CalfFries

                    The Beacon is my favourite! The are not open on Sundays, unless something has changed recently. Happy Plenty... and don't forget... walk and talk!

                    1. re: loretta

                      know your order before you get to the line... it's a cultural event

                2. Highlands, NC is about 45 miles NW of Clem(p)son and has dining, shopping, water falls and nice scenery. Take US 76 west to Seneca, then 28 north, through Walhalla. The road gets a little twisty between Walhalla and Highlands. When you finish in Highlands head east on US 64 to Cashiers. If your top is down or your windows are open you will detect a pretty good BBQ place on your right just before you reach SR 107. Take 107 south back to 28.


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                  1. re: Bob

                    Think that the BBQ place you knew in 2003 has closed.