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La Spiga- Seattle

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Any opinions about this restaurant. I will be visiting Seattle in the spring and friends told me it was "yummy".

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  1. This place used to be unique and good. Unfortunately, the service is now spotty and the food is unimpressive.

    1. I love La Spiga. It may not be quite as terrific as it was when they first opened (it was very inexpensive and the service was great) but I still like it better than any other Italian place I've ever been to in the US. Their pasta with truffle oil is one of my favorite things and everyone raves about the lasagne. Go for dinner, the lunch menu is very limited. Make reservations-they are usually full if you try to walk in.

      1. I have to concur with foodguy. La Spiga used to be "yummy" but the quality of the food has declined. I haven't had any service problems, pesonally, but my last several meals there have been... disappointing. Not bad, but not very good either.

        My favorite Italian in Seattle is Cafe Lago. Now *their* lasagna is worth raving about.

        Link: http://seattle.citysearch.com/profile...

        1. I'd be interested in any more opinions...perhaps because it makes me sad to think that La Spiga is no longer so yummy. It used to be one of our favorites: we loved the gnocchi, the piadina, and the authentically (to my limited perspective) Italian feel. I remember my Italian professor taking me there a while back.

          Then my wife and I had a baby, and La Spiga closed, so we haven't been there in a while. But we were thinking of treating ourselves to a visit and a babysitter - is it worth it? More opinions?

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            (although if you're going to go to the trouble of getting a babysitter, maybe you might want to upgrade to Barolo? ;)

          2. You do realize that the post that calls it "not yummy" is over two years old, right? So it sounds like you've been there (and liked it) since that person posted. But if you're wondering about the new location, I think there's 2 recent threads if you search. I also think the P-I review a few weeks ago hit the nail on the head. They have a few issues to work out but definitely worth going to, and there's just nothing else like it in Seattle (Cafe Lago is more Italian-American, with its ceaser salad and fettucine with meatballs...)

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              Aha. No, I foolishly missed the date on the not yummy comment - mainly, I was interested in the new location. I know people have said the menu is different. I think we'll have to head out and check it out ourselves.


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                I ate there regularly when they were at their tiny old place. Spotty service, but very tasty, Emilia-Romagna cuisine. Tiramisu was NOT traditional tiramisu, but was similar, and was good. I especially liked the flatbread and the rabbit.

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                Happened to be in the area last night and stopped in. I thought the appetizer of poached rabbit and fennel was especially delicious. The Pappardelle was very tasty as well. The gnochitti that my wife got I didn't really care for, neither did she. The tiramisu was described as amazing and while it was very good, it wasn't amazing. The lasagna on somebody else's plate looked very good.

                The space is beautiful, the service was typical Seattle (though the host was a VERY typical snobby punk kid, our waiter was very friendly), and the prices I thought were very reasonable. I would go back. It's not often that you can have a good, fresh pasta meal with appy, glass of wine, dessert, and dessert wine for less than $60 total for two people (I was the only one drinking)!

              3. I found the service there last month laughable, and this is a city where it is often amateurish. Won't rush back.

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                  After returning last night for Dad's day, I was going to comment here only to find that what I was going to comment about had already been mentioned many times...the service.

                  It looks like they went well out of their way to hire the cool, Capital Hill crowd. Every server there is decked out in their haircut that costs more than their daily salary. That is actually laughable as mentioned above, but the two things that annoyed me were:

                  1. When I asked for a bottle of medium-bodied wine from the waitress she said "What price range do I have to work with?" to which I replied 20-30 bucks and she said OK and left. Some people might find that a bit forward of a question (or me a cheap skate! :)) but I actually liked the up-frontness of it.

                  What I didn't like was when she returned with a bottle and I asked what she had surprised us with she said something like "Well, this bottle of Chianti is OK. I didn't have much to work with. Had you been willing to spend $35 I could've gotten you something really nice..."

                  Ah gee, right in front of the father-in-law. Thanks! Also, You have 30-40 bottles in the $20-30 price range and none of them are really nice? Finally, this is information that might have been useful at the time of selection NOT at the time of opening.

                  2) The waitress had a tendency to correct our pronunciation of certain Italian items and with an air of condescension. Then she later tried to tell us in Italian how the cheese plate was particularly delicious. We were all rolling our eyes at this point.

                  3) Finally, she vanished during many parts of the service. We would always see the waiters hanging out in the corner chatting about.

                  On another note, we ordered a lot of plates and the standouts were:

                  Tagliatelle with white truffle butter
                  rabbit and fennel salad
                  Pappardelle with rabbit ragu
                  roasted hen

                  cheese plate (though maybe a bit over-priced, despite my thinking that their prices in general are rather reasonable)

                  cured meat tray
                  lasagna - good, but not amazing

                  risotto - loaded with meat for some reason.

                  Total bill was $160 for 1 bottle of $30 wine, 3 apps, 4 primis and 2 secondis.


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                    OMG, was your server the one with the longish Joan Jett hair, terrible body language, and complete lack of SERVICE skills? Date & I went last week and although I can't say we were completely ignored, it just seemed like she had so many better things to do than stop and give us focused service for a few minutes at a time. I thought it was odd that she brought two bottles of wine for my date to taste to choose a glass, but only one glass - isn't a glass for each wine tasted the norm?

                    Loved the space, and the domination of wood over concrete (nothing against concrete, but some of the other new places use much more of it and end up feeling very gray). Food was good, we both enjoyed the rabbit salad, and the cheese wrapped in grape leaves was good. Rabbit pappardelle was tasty, gnocchi was fine, nothing reveleatory. Didn't bother with dessert, just felt like getting out of there instead of getting more attitude. Shoot, we used to be cool enough for capitol hill....

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                        Wow...I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't go back unless i want a good serving of Seattle Attitude instead of fine Emiglia-Romagnan cuisine. too bad y'all had such a poor service experience--that seems to ruin good food for me.

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                          I hate to hear all this-I thought they would have straightened things out by now. I wonder if any of these complaints will ever reach Sabrina and Pietro's attention-this kind of service will turn people off for good.