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May 12, 2003 05:39 AM

Clemson SC Bar and Food

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I have to be in Clemson for a day soon. Need a place for a couple of beers and a meal. Nothing too fancy, but will have Mrs Pirate along so not a dive either. A Micro brewery or similar would be really good. Can anyone help please?
Thanks, Pirate

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  1. You might try Tigertown Tavern right downtown or Keith Street Cafe just north of the downtown area. I've eaten at both and they were good.

    1. Have you ever been to Klem(P)sum? (Us UGA fans hold the place very near & dear, yeah right!)
      It has been a while but the last time I was there (10 months or so) you had your choice of a couple of fast food joints, a chain steak house, the Esso Club, Tiger Town & a somewhat okay barbecue joint. Besides the university, several motels, & a bunch of business to keep the university kids happy that was about it.
      Now, having said that, do a favor for yourself & stop by the creamery for some of the best domestic blue cheese you will ever find. That stuff is wonderful & take some time to visit the South Carolina Botanical Gardens & the historical houses--Fort Hill, &c.

      Head south to a little burg called Pendleton (hwy 76 S to business 28) & take some time to tour the historical sites there. The old Farmers' Hall is a halfway decent restaurant--actually they try too hard & tend to be mediocre--and there is a pub in the Pendleton House that has gotten some good local press but I can not vouch for it. Pendleton has a web site but I can not find the link. Good luck & definitely get some blue cheese.

      1. Watch out for those Dawgs...they have a hard time even spelling C-L-E-M-S-O-N (no "P"). Shoot they don't even know how to spell d-o-g correctly (no "a" & no "w"!) The tips on Pendleton were good though. Hey you'll pass Mac's Drive-In on the way to Pendleton; it's not bad.