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Mar 26, 2003 08:33 PM

Jestine's Kitchen vs Homney Grill in Charleston, SC

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Which would you choose for lunch? Thanks

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  1. Well, HG is fabulous. I can't imagine that there is a place much better than it. Plus you can sit outside in the garden. They have so many different lunch choices, and it's almost impossible to make a choice between the dessert options.

    1. Go to the Hominey Grill for an upscale experience. The food and atmosphere are much superior to Jestine's which is more of a "meat and three".

      1. As much as we like Jestine's, Hominy shines brighter at lunch. Overall, it is more upscale. Physically, it is a much nicer place (an old rehab'd barber shop -- check out the tin ceiling) and you can also sit outside. The menu is more inventive and extensive. FYI -- we think their breakfast is overrated (and priced that way) and dinner is fancier than it needs to be. Lunch is the best, but get there early (11:45) or late so you don't have to wait.

        1. I went to school and lived in charleston.

          Both of these restaraunts are weak examples of true charleston/low country fare
          Save your money and head to the Tomato Shed Cafe on Johns Island or rosebank farms cafe on seabrook islland.

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            oh, I dunno. Tomato Shed Cafe is the BOMB for fresh-from-the-market southern veggies (the tomato pie and limas are incredible), and the crabcake is the best I've had anywhere. But Hominy and Tomato Shed don't entirely overlap. The seafood preparations at Hominy, you can't find at Tomato Shed, and the desserts at Hominy IMO are better. Obviously Tomato Shed being a more 100% "locals" place is cheaper.

            There's room for both Hominy and Tomato Shed in a visit to Charleston, and I'm at a stalemate as to which one I'd choose if I had to choose just one. Depends on exactly what I'm in the mood for.

          2. Hominy Grill is one of my favorite restaurants in Charleston, period. Lunch is fantastic. Their southern sides are amazing, as are their desserts, as are there fish and shrimp dishes (haha, pretty much everything?). They use a lot of local, sustainable ingredients too (pretty much all their seafood is, which is more than can be said for most places, even seafood restaurants). I'd drive 4 hours from NC just to eat there for lunch. The chef won the James Beard "Best Chef in the Southeast" award last year for a reason.

            It's not really that "upscale" either. I'm always in a t-shirt and jeans there (it's HOT in Charleston during the day) and don't feel like I'm out of place at all. It's country casual for sure. Prices might be higher than country casual (entrees w/ two sides there for lunch, same prices as dinner, for around $15-17), but it's more than worth it. Of course, they also have lighter salads and sandwiches, and you can put together a righteous veggie plate there on the cheap too.