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Dec 29, 2004 08:43 PM

Is there good pizza in Seattle?

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I've moved to Seattle within the last year and am looking for some decent pizza - where to go? I feel like I've tried a million places with no luck! I'm looking for a thin, crispy good pizza AND a place with great Chicago style, deep dish pizza....any suggestions? I moved here from Phoenix and the only thing I'm missing is a place called Oregano's (check it out if you're ever in Phoenix). Please help! We're going thru withdrawal! Thanks for your suggestions....

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  1. Full disclosure: These may or may not be acceptable to a bona-fide pizza hound (Phoenix?), as I am a native Seattleite, with no cred at all in this area beyond the Western mountains. Despite numerous much-enjoyed pies of the East, my provenance is here, so please accept with a grain of parmigiano...

    Thin - Try Via Tribunali (9xx E Pike).
    I have not been able to get to this newly opened shop yet (asap i shall), but the proprietor has gone to a lot of trouble to make his pizzas in a true Italian style, importing his oven and his cooks to do so. I will break the URL here for a decent link > http: //
    I have great confidence in Mike and am sure you will enjoy the experience, if it be or not in the NYC style you seek (please report back).

    For deep-dish, and here even I fear my PNW heritage will cloud the issue, you might try Delfino's in the U Village. I surely hope more experienced Hounds than I will contribute here, but a couple times a year I go get a deep-dish spinach pizza from them to bake at home. The cheese is bubblin' and the crust is at least dimly like those I remember at Uno, in Chicago...

    Have fun and, again, please come back and share your impressions with us dawgs...


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      I'd second the rec. for Delfino's, and add one for Pegasus on Alki Beach in West Seattle, for deep(er)-dish pizzas; but as good as they are, they still can't compare to Uno (and Due) in Chicago - that IS the ultimate.

    2. For thin and crispy, Cafe Lago in Montlake is a lot of people's favorite. Via Tribunali is authentic Neapolitan style, which is thin though not crispy (it's very tasty, but if you like more "American" style pizza-heavy sauce/cheese/toppings-it might not do it for you). There is Tutta Bella in Columbia City, which also claims to be authentic Neapolitan, but I haven't tried it yet. Pazzo's on Eastlake is another favorite thin crust. These are pretty well known places so you should be able to read quite a bit about them online if you google.

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        Reared on Home Cookin

        Tutto Bella has pizza that tastes very good, but texturally it's not everybody's favorite. It is "soft", and according to the signage, on purpose. It's not chewy, and it's not crispy, because it uses an imported Italian flour that makes it come out... soft.

        Too bad, if you ask me, who wants a soft pizza?

        But, if you are a pizza freak you should try it because it is one of a small number certified by an Italian organization as "authentic Neapolitan" according to their not-so-soft standards.

      2. I'm not much for deep dish, unless it's one we make ourselves. For thin and crispy, chain or no chain, Il Fornaio is one of my favorite Italian style pizzas. Thin, but not quite as crispy, can be had at La Vita e Bella in Belltown.

        1. I just had a great thin crust pizza at Cafe Lago last night. They have a wood fired oven so the crust has a nice smoky char to it.

          1. Hot Mama's on Broadway has always been pretty good, thin, and crispy. I especially like the spinach with ricotta, and the pesto with feta.

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              I have to agree, I love Hot Mamas! Its great to grab after going out as well....I don't get there much anymore having moved from the Hill to Fremont. I also really like Romios Pizza as well!