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Mar 21, 2003 04:10 PM

eating in winston-salem

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Can anyone help me with suggestions for eating in general and bbq in particular for the winston-salem area. We will be there for a week so will have lots of time to explore. Also, any sights to see. Thanks.

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  1. Whenever I'm in Winston-Salem, I always stop at Dewey's Bakery to pick up some of the Moravian baked goods. There are several locations which can be accessed by the link below:


    1. A walk through Old Salem is something worth doing. A few of the houses still have squirell tail wood fired ovens.

      For eating I can't help you as my college roomie lives there and he takes me to the city club or the country club.

      Which reminds me of a little used trick to get into city clubs. Join one out of town as a non-resident and you get visitation rights all over the country. I belong to one ninety miles from my home for less than a tenth the resident cost.

      1. Im interested in some places here also..I cant beleive that this home of the Demon Deacons doenst have a few wonderful restaurants???!!!

        1. I would suggest Little Richard's or Garry's BBQ in Winston. Haven't been to Garry's, but Garry was a partner at Little Richard's and they use the same (very good) Lexington-style recipes.
          Address: 680 S. Stratford Road, Winston-Salem. 771-3941.
          My family is also fond of the Royal Thai, also on Stratford. Don't skip the coconut ice cream.

          1. For barbecue, the best choices are probably Little Richard's Barbecue stores on Country Club Rd. with another on Union Cross Rd.(I think...) Do not bother with the location in Clemmons. They cook with a commercial "smoker" and the ribs are especially dreadful. Another spot worth a shot is Hogs Wild Barbecue on University Parkway. Skip Pig Pickins' and Mr. Barbecue. Both were wood burners, but now use electricity and/or gas and "finish" (what ever the hell that means)over wood coals. Their product quality has dropped accordingly. Likewise don't bother with Simos, Don's, or Sherwood. Garry's on Stratford Rd. is the site of the formerly excellent Stratford Barbecue. Alas, they now use one of those stainless steel smoking contraptions. Ugh. Hill's Lexington Barbecue is also to be avoided. Once the best in W-S and one of the best in NC, they too have chosen to stop producing real barbecue. The pits are cold and the pork is oven-cooked. If you are seeking barbecue, don't settle for anything less than the real thing.

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              Well said! I have moved to Charlotte from W-S - and STILL buy Little Richard's BBQ sauce by the case every time I get in town so I can make my own "real bbq" - Of course I sample the pig while I'm there - the one on Country Club Rd, of course!

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                Don's Barbeque is highly recommended as it is about the only Western Style BBQ restaurant in the area as opposed to all the Lexington style places.