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Mar 14, 2003 01:59 PM

shrimp boats in Edisto?

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Headed to a cabin in the state park in Edisto in a week--a friend who honeymooned there in Nov.rhapsodized about buying shrimp off the boats. Is this a seasonal thing? We are traveling on the cheap with infant and toddler but are determined to have a somewhat Hundish expereince. Any seasonal seafood suggestions for either cooking in or casual eating out? Thanks! How's the 'que down there?...

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  1. Sorry but it's not shrimp season just yet.

    Should be plenty of nice fish to buy. The Old Post Office in Edisto is delightful for true Lowcountry eats.

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      Is the Old Post Office kid-friendly or does it have outdoor seating?

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        Now the cat's out of the bag regarding the cabins at Edisto! Don't pay any attention the the palmetto bugs. Cynical Chef is right. Not shrimp season but the boats still fish all year. Got some black tip shark there once. It had only been out of the water for a couple of hours. Grilled on my trusty Webber Smokey Joe, the shark was perfect. You'll also find grouper, triggerfish (recommended), Tilefish and flounder (if in season). Go crabbin' off the small pier behind the cabin. The Steamer used to be excellent. All fish and shellfish was perfectly fresh. They didn't have a fryer. It's between the IGA market and the liquor store. I haven't been to The Old Post Office for several years, but it didn't seen to be too kid friendly then. Enjoy the area before it is developed to the point that there are 50 gooney-golf courses to choose from. Someday Edisto will probably have it's own Bike Week. Damn shame...

      2. The SC & GA shrimping business has been devastated over that past several years by bad weather, a condition called "Black Gill" (a fungus that grows on the shrimp, making them inedible), and poor salinity in the marshes & estuaries. Plus, with cheap imported shrimp flooding the markets & high fuel costs, that makes their plight that much worse.

        Shrimp will appear in May or so. You can still get some great oysters.